5 Awesome Reasons for Moving to Alabama

If you’ve ever dreamed about moving into a home with a white picket fence, we have some bad news for you: only 0.57% of millennials have enough money to own a house in their lifetime. That doesn’t mean you can’t be an outlier. Have you considered moving to Alabama, one of the most affordable states?

Cost may be important, but affordability shouldn’t be your only metric when choosing a new home state. Luckily, Alabama is an excellent place to live. You’ll find something to love whether you’re fond of sports, celebrations, or the great outdoors.

We’ve collected five of the top reasons to consider making the move to Alabama. Continue reading to learn something new about the 22nd state.

1. Incredible Nature

Did you know that 40% of snails in the country reside in Alabama? The Cotton State boasts over 100 distinct species of snail!

The state attracts the snails for the same reason it attracts individuals planning a move to a beautiful location—a diverse ecosystem featuring stunning natural waterways. You’ll experience beaches, mountains, woodlands, and wetlands all in one beautiful state.

2. Perfect for Sports Fans

Are you a college football fan? Living in Alabama means rooting for the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide, a two-decade mainstay on the annual list of best teams. You’ll enjoy a vibrant tailgating culture while supporting a team with a long history of success.

3. A Place to Celebrate

Did you know Christmas wasn’t recognized as an official American holiday until 1870? The celebration began in Alabama, which first made the festive day official in 1836. If you’ll be renting an apartment in The Heart of Dixie, be sure to pack your lights and baubles!

Other spectacular local celebrations include:

  • Mardi Gras
  • Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic
  • Alabama Renassaince Faire
  • Baldwin County Strawberry Festival
  • Dothan Peanut Festival

Alabama was also the first state to recognize Veteran’s Day. Whether you’re seeking something somber or celebratory, you’ll find it here.

4. Never Stop Learning

Alabama hosts some of the top Universities in the United States, including an in-state Medical School. If your school days are long behind you, it’s still a wonderful place to learn and grow.

You’ll find historical landmarks, museums, nature centers, and more. We recommend visiting Mooresville, which is part town and part museum.

5. Affordable Ambiance

You’re in luck if the slow, laid-back Alabama lifestyle appeals to you. It has one of the lowest costs of living in the United States, and if you visit, the offerings might surprise you. Even folks struggling to pay rent elsewhere might find they can afford a house in Alabama, making it the perfect place to settle down and start a life.

Make Moving to Alabama Awesome

A home should be a beautiful, vibrant place to live, full of educational opportunities, personal growth, and community. We know you’ll love moving to Alabama, where you’ll find all that plus a lower-than-average cost of living. The Yellowhammer State is one of the best-kept secrets for young Americans seeking real estate, so make a move before it catches on!

Are you still searching for your perfect new home? Browse the rest of the blog for more real estate and moving tips to help you settle down and thrive.

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