5 Different Types of Vending Machines for Sale

Please refer below for a list and also information on some of the types of vending machines available for your workplace:

Know About 5 Different Types of Vending Machines

1. Combination Vending Machines:

Many various sizes and setups are available but are the most commonly requested vending machine. Products stored are from 380 up to 800 in each machine depending on size of the unit. Some models are equipped with LIVE Display which shows you the vending products available for you to select.

In our years in the vending industry our statistics have been .. for about every 100 enquiries we receive … for vending machines … about 98% of businesses will request a “Combo vending machine”… as they are compact enough to be a 2 in 1 … type vending machine … in reality like a mini store … as they deliver to you drinks … in all sizes of cans and bottles … and well as being able to also deliver Snacks … ALL your favourite chips, peanuts, pretzels, chocolates, cookies, meals, lollies, popcorn … etc.

Most vending machines can have a note reader attached … which is a device put into the vending machine so it will take $5.00 and $10.00 – Notes … then give you change after you make a selection from your vendor. Having this makes for easy convenience for everyone.To have notes changed is a great feature.

2. Drink Vending Machines:

Drink (Beverages) vending machines are available in many sizes and styles. They dispense soft drink cans and bottles of many various different sizes … 250 ml, 375 ml and 600ml are the most common. These drinks are soft drinks … coke, solo, sunkist, juices, energy drinks, mother, gatorade etc.

From a small drink vending machine holding 120 can capacity to a large drink machine with a capacity for up to 680 cans.

They can have a “closed front” version (which shows only a product image / tag next to the selection button)

“Live display” … drink vending machines are great for office situations as they are glass front which shows the particular drink products as you see it thru the glass or perspex screen.

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3. Snack Vending Machines:

Snack Vending Machine are popular and available in sizes and styles. Refrigerated and non-refrigerated models deliver to you all forms of various potato chips-in various flavours, gluten free crips and snacks, popcorn, peanuts, cashews, cookies, 3 -minute noodles and meals, various sizes in mixed bagged lollies, chocolates both in bars and bag packs from cadbury, mars, snickers, turkish delight, caramello, dairy mild, cherry ripe, cough lollies … soothers, butter menthols, eucalyptus and honey … even panadol if specifically required.

Most snack machines are refrigerated and are factory set to be @ 18 Degrees … so your chocolates do not turn white and powdery.

4. Coffee Vending Machines:

Today several small to large coffee vending machines are available. From only 120 cup to 400 cup coffee machines that are in both formats of ” Fresh to Cup” or a “Bean to Cup”… freshly ground coffee beans for each cup made … to a freeze dried coffee powder, however most people, in our experience request a “Fresh Bean to cup” coffee vending machine because of all the many various types and styles of coffee variations that can be made.

For instance a latte … a cappuccino frappe, the short black, mocha, caramell latte, down to the most delicious hot and ultra … smooth … Hot Chocolate drink… as well as “Chai latte ” and even chicken noodle soup.

The coffee vending machine can be plumbed directly to a water source or they have their own tank system so they can be placed virtually anywhere. Having also the availability to be set up to take coins and also give change or be set to FREE Vend where no coins are required.

5. Ice Vending Machines:

With so many different models now available … Ice vending machines are new to the australian market.

They are able to be installed in outdoor environments and are able to be set up to make fresh ice 24/7. Having the ability to take coins and Notes ($5.00 and $10.00) as well as give change where required.

They can produce 4 kg / 5kg / 7 kg and 9 kg bags if ice … 7 days a week. Any business can take advantage of having an Ice vending machine out the front of their business as everyone in the neighboring suburbs will soon landmark your business as being associated with the ice vending machine.

Having potential customers coming day and night to use this bagged ice vending machine service will see your advertising or specials you may have or people just released ” I didn’t know this about “Hobbs Business ” maybe I will come back to see them next week.

All you need is to have some car parking abilities nearby to take full advantage of this new form of FREE advertising for your business.

Ice vending machines can be located to and at service stations, service centres, tyre shops, mechanic workshops, car yards, caravan centres, boating shops, caravan parks, boat ramps, marinas, camping grounds, football stadiums, hardware stores, factory complexes, car yards, virtually any corner or grocery store, fish co-ops … virtually anywhere where water and electricity can be supplied is where you can have a Ice Vending machine.

Whether you need more information about types of vending machines or looking for a full-service vending machine services provider, contact, to discuss your vending requirements.

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