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Sliding Pocket Door Ideas You’re Going to Love

Sliding doors are stylish components that make your home look sophisticated. But that’s not their primary function. Sliding doors save a ton of space that traditional swinging doors cover when you open them. They also open and close without making much noise.

Sliding doors are increasingly becoming popular, especially exposed pocket doors which provide an aesthetic appeal as well as convenience. These doors have great utility in homes with older people who use a walker or are in a wheelchair. They can easily slide the doors without a lot of effort.

Installing exposed sliding door hardware is a tricky task. It requires aligning the look and feel of the room to match the door. You must also decide whether exposed doors will match your house’s interior or not.

You might consider installing an exposed ceiling dwg to match the pocket door with the entire room. It completes the look without taking up any more space. Consider a few factors like door handles, track durability, and cost before you install the exposed sliding door hardware.

5 sliding pocket door ideas for your home

Sliding pocket doors can be fitted in a variety of ways. You should look for the best way to get more space and maintain the aesthetic appeal of the exposed door.

  1. Flexi space

    A great way to install pocket doors is to fit in between a large space which can be divided into two parts when the door is closed. When you open the door, it looks like a big space or room. You should consider taking the door right to the exposed ceiling dwg to get a full space when the doors are pulled back.

  2. Neat hallway

    One of the busiest place in the house is the hallway. The exposed pocket door will add to the beauty of the room with its frame and provide a convenient way to venture into other rooms. It gives a neat appearance toat the hallway and offers more space for arranging the seats.

  3. Half & half door

    You can get a sliding pocket door with a glass section in the upper half and the solid coloured door in the lower half. It will provide you privacy whenever you require along with a visual connection to see who is coming from the other room.

  4. Use more space

    By installing the exposed sliding door hardware, you are freeing up more space. It is a good idea to use this space near the door to tuck in a bookshelf or organize some antiques. You can use the space without impacting the floor or colliding the shelf with the door.

  5. Play with colours

    Since sliding doors are only visible when you close them, there’s a lot of opportunities to play with different colours. You can experiment with various colour schemes and change the look of your room in an instant – for example, from serene to playful by using orange. You can also have different colours on either side of the door to match two separate rooms.

Sliding pocket doors are a smarter option to save space in your rooms and give them a sophisticated look. You should install exposed pocket door hardware for a stylish appearance and more storage space in your rooms.

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