What is a NOC Dispatcher?


The shipping forwarder manages radios and other telecommunications equipment to deliver noc dispatcher and coordinate the activities of drivers and other staff.

Under the Interests heading, the system is in upper or lower case letters depending on the degree of importance.


Methodical (M)

Methodological people like clear rules and methods of organizing their activities. They prefer to work under the supervision or supervision of others following the instructions provided or adherence to established policies and procedures. Methodological people like to work on one thing until it is finished. They want to follow a set procedure and prefer to work free from the appointment.

Guide (D)

Managers like to take control and control cases. They like to take responsibility for coordinating projects that require planning, decision-making and the work of others. They give quick instructions and directions. They want to organize activities. They are independent of themselves and directed.

Social (S)

Social people like to interact with people. They care about others and want to identify their needs and solve problems. Social people want to work with others. They prefer work that requires interpersonal contact.

Physical activities

Near vision (V2)

Work activities are approved out close to the workers. The field of view is more extensive than with nearsightedness (1).

Not relevant (C0)

Color differentiation is irrelevant when performing work.

Verbal interaction (H2)

Staff duties include daily interviews with colleagues, clients, and the public.

Sitting (B1)

The duties of a job must sit. Standing and walking (2) may occur depending on the mission.

Upper limb coordination (L1)

Work activities involve co-ordination of upper limbs.

Limited (S1)

Work activities involve handling loads of up to 5 kg.

Data, people, things

Compiling (D3)

The information collected is generally recorded physically, which can be emotionally stored; Collect, collect and classify information about people and situations; Provide frequent reporting and planned activities.

Speaking – Signalling (P6)

Talk to people and signposts to communicate or exchange information, giving assignments and directions to helpers.

Operating – Manipulating (C4)

Using the body, tools, or individual devices to operate equipment or move guide, install, and place objects or materials. An essential combination of motor coordination and manual and finger skills is required. It includes some discretion in the selection and selection of suitable equipment, objects or substances.

Environmental conditions

Regulated inside climate (L1)

Usually controlled environments, such as an office, hospital or school.

Dispatchers use radio and other telecommunications equipment to send ambulances and coordinate the activities of drivers and other personnel. It is used by police, fire and medical services, other emergency services, taxis, delivery and courier services, transport and engineering companies and other commercial and industrial institutions.

Illustrative example(s)

  • 911 dispatcher
  • alarm system dispatcher
  • ambulance dispatcher
  • emergency vehicle dispatcher
  • inbound/outbound freight co-ordinator
  • mobile equipment dispatcher
  • radio operator
  • taxi dispatcher
  • tow truck dispatcher
  • truck dispatcher
  • utility maintenance crew dispatcher

All examples


  • Air traffic controllers and related occupations (See 2272 Air traffic controllers and related occupations)
  • Railway traffic controllers and marine traffic regulators (See 2275 Railway traffic controllers and marine traffic regulators)
  • Supervisors of dispatchers (See 1215 Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations)

Main responsibilities

  • Dispatchers fulfill some or all of the following obligations:
  • Accept requests for assistance or emergency services and contact ambulances, police and fire, tow trucks and crew
  • Processing and forwarding of information and instructions to coordinate the activities of vehicle, crew and equipment operators through various computer-aided dispatch and communication equipment
  • Dispatch personnel according to written schedules and work orders, or as required by emergencies

Reporting to vehicle operators and traffic problems such as construction, accidents, traffic jams, weather, weights and measures and other information.

  • Working with radio equipment for communication with ships, aircraft, mining crews, offshore oil rigs, logging camps, and other remote operations
  • Keep track of staff workloads and locations
  • Maintain vehicle operator records using computerized or manual methods and ensure accurate schedules and salaries are over
  • Maintain noc dispatcher and manual records of mileage, fuel consumption, repairs, and other expenses and generate reports.

Job Requirement

Completion of secondary school is required.

Police and Emergency Situations Ministry have to undergo formal training in the workplace. Other forwarders are usually held informal training on the job.

Authorized by the police and the emergency and other radio operators typically require a provincial radio operator certificate.

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