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Dolphinaris Tulum is one of the special places to swim with dolphins in tulum. It is located in the Grand Bahia Principe Resort, close to the beach and surrounded by beautiful gardens. Here at dolphinaris Tulum, you can meet our dolphin family and learn about the ocean, animals and nature. We have lots of fun things to do in Tulum like swim with dolphins tulum. You can spend time with the dolphins and make unforgettable memories that you will never forget. This place to swim with dolphins in tulum is made to make you feel comfortable, with lockers to keep things safe and a chance to buy images and souvenirs to remember your visit. Join us for unforgettable activities in Tulum with our dolphins at Dolphinaris Tulum.

Dolphin Friendly Encounter activities in Tulum

Dolphin Friendly Encounter activities in Tulum

Jump into the calm water and meet our dolphins up close. This particular time lets you connect with the dolphins one-on-one. Here at dolphinaris tulum learn about how they act and what makes them tick while making a solid bond with them. It is a lovely experience that you will remember forever.

Activities in tulum A Fantastic Experience

Indeed, swim with dolphins Tulum is one of the best activities there. Yes, there are many places to swim with dolphins in Tulum, but what makes them best is the environment and our trained dolphins.

Get ready to be amazed as you see the dolphins show off their creativity beautifully. Here at dolphinaris tulum you share tender moments such as kisses and playful fin shakes. Hence it shows how close we are to these incredible creatures.

So here Feel the magic as you join activities in Tulum such as foot push or dorsal ride. Hence it gets you even closer to these amazing dolphins. It is an experience you will love and we sure you will tag us as one of the lovely places to swim with dolphins in tulum.

Activities in tulum are Ocean Secrets Experience

Activities in Tulum

The activities in Tulum let you explore the ocean’s secrets at the one of he greatest places to swim with dolphins in tulum. At dolphinaris tulum discover the ocean’s secrets as you watch the dolphins show off their great tricks. Also at dolphinaris tulum learn why is it so important to take care of the ocean while having lots of fun such as riding on the dolphin’s belly or looking at them underwater with a special mask. So besides the swim with dolphins tulum the learning experience will make you love the sea even more. So when you visit the dolphinaris tulum you will appreciate all the incredible things we offer.

Swim with dolphins tulum

At dolphinaris tulum one of the best activities in tulum is the swim with dolphins tulum. There are many reasons they are the best amongst the other places to swim with dolphins in Tulum. So if you have opted for us for the activities in Tulum then we have some fantastic packages for you. So we always welcome you to the one of the most amazing places to swim with dolphins in tulum.

Get ready to make some fantastic memories and swim with dolphins tulum. From April 4th to 15th, 2024, you can get a big discount on our swim with dolphins tulum program when you book online. That means you can save money on such activities in tulum and have a blast swimming with dolphins. So this special deal applies to these activities hence it makes us the best places to swim with dolphins in tulum.

  •  Swim Fantastic swim with dolphins tulum
  • Friendly Encounter
  • Ocean Secrets

So whether you want to have a super fun time, get up close and personal with dolphins, or learn all about the ocean’s secrets have something for you.

The Best places to swim with dolphins in tulum

Take advantage of this chance to have an unforgettable experience swim with dolphins Tulum. Book your activities now and get ready for some dolphin-filled fun.

We are among the best places to swim with dolphins in tulum experience.

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