Enjoy A Perfect Family Beach Holiday In Pattaya Thailand!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect place to go on holiday with your family in tow, but you really never have to look further than lovely Thailand! This charming tropical nation is full of warm-hearted people who dote upon children, and the warm weather, bright sun, and lush greenery provide a balm for the winter blues that will soothe anyone of any age. There is just something special about the Land of Smiles, and if you haven’t been here yet, get on a plane!

Most family holidays in Thailand revolve around the wonderful tropical beaches, and it’s quite understandable why! Just head down to Pattaya, a wonderful city by the sea conveniently close to Bangkok, check into your Family Hotel in Patong and hit the beach! There is fun to be had all day and into the night in this pleasant seaside paradise!

You and your family can enjoy a quick breakfast at the hotel, then pack up your beach gear and hit the sand! Patong Beach is the perfect place to relax in one of the super comfy reclining deck chairs the locals provide for a very reasonable fee, then watch the kids frolic in the surf while you drink in the salt air and maybe sneak in a couple of ice-cold beers! Once you have had enough lounging go join in with the kids for a refreshing splash in the sea, the beach is very safe for swimmers, it’s a long shallow descent out to the distant drop-off. The sand is great for sandcastles, so bring along your plastic buckets and spades so you can build the seaside fortress of your dreams, inhabit it with hermit crabs, and then enjoy watching it all melt away as the tide returns to sweep the beach clean once more.

All of that frolicking has probably made you hungry, but you don’t have to go far, the beach has a plethora of small cafes and outdoor eateries to enjoy a hearty lunch at! We love the barbecued squid, its smoky goodness is accentuated by the bright green spicy sauce that comes with it, but beware, it can be pretty hot! A tall, frosty glass of delicious Thai ice tea is the medicine you need if things are too spicy, the combination of cold milk and the tea’s natural acids break down the capsaicin oils that can make you feel like your mouth is really on fire! Make sure to try the tropical fruit juice, it’s really fresh! Once you have lunched, work it off by renting some bicycles, the beach has a very nice paved trail running along it under the shade of the palm trees so you can explore the length of Patong Beach in just about an hour, it’s a lot of fun!

Now that evening is drawing near you and the family can take tons of photos while the sun gently sinks into the Gulf of Thailand. The night will reveal the cheerful glow of hundreds of fishing vessels moored in the distance, a sight that you will never forget. Now, get back to the hotel and get some sleep, because you will need your strength to do it all again in Pattaya tomorrow!

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