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Brokerage companies today count on the online trading scene to get clients, which is why the competition itself is pretty intense. The online trading platforms are designed to provide the best of deals to traders. While you may perceive this to be as simple of a process as signing up onto a trading platform, it is not. You see, the greater number of options that are available online, the greater number of scams are also present among them.

As a trader myself, I have often found myself in the midst of a mess trying to upgrade to better trading platforms. It is hard to reclaim your losses once you sign up to scam servers. Not only do you lose all of your sensitive information, but you also lose a whole lot of money. The investments you make using that platform are all but a sham. So, if you think you can settle for a refund, you are mistaken. These companies are designed to malign the image of online trading, for they leave no stone unturned to make life hell for you.


While there might be a lot of bad that surrounds the reputation of online brokerage companies, there is still some good that continues to flourish. You just have to make sound choices in order to land these credible brokerage companies. One of the many that I have been associated with has got to be RosewoodTrust. My experience in the trading world has led me to be acquainted with a number of trading platforms which has helped me make comparative assessments regarding their trade features.

I wanted to present an unbiased review about the pros and cons of RosewoodTrust so that traders can get an overview of what the platform has to offer.


You will be surprised about how essential the layout is for a trading platform. You see, this is the first thing that traders will come across and later will have to deal with on the forefront. With RosewoodTrust, when you access their server, you will be directed to their main page. This page coordinates light and dark ascents in its design in order to accommodate the interests of all types of traders.


Pros Cons
RosewoodTrust has a tutorial video on its main page which welcomes traders onto the platform while also giving an overview regarding the platform’s vision for its clients in the world market.


The platform has set its theme in shades of blue, which I am personally not a big fan of. I would prefer had they incorporated a lot more colours in the design.
The Graphics Interchange Format provides an interactive display for consumers of the service platform. They could introduce live updates in the graphics in order to build a wider engagement among the audience.
The asset allocation list is integrated into the display in the form of a horizontal scroll bar. You can easily go through it to assess the options. There is no date and time display on the main page.
The server of RosewoodTrust can be accessed from anywhere around the world and all you require is an electronic device with a good internet connection. The server is currently only available in English language and there is no option available for language selection.
There is a pop-up list on the right-hand side corner which ensures the compact nature of the display. The option to open an account is not directly visible on the main page when you access the account, and you will be required to select a few options to get to that option. Trading platforms prefer to highlight such options in order to persuade potential new customers.

Trading platform

RosewoodTrust has built a solid profile for its clients, and this is what has helped them build a reputation for themselves in today’s market. The way this platform operates will help you make substantial changes that will help build your portfolio.

Trading platform

Pros Cons
The trading platform offers over 200 tradable assets that you can choose to trade over the popular categories of Indices, Stocks, Forex, Crypto and Commodities. The collections of Crypto do not have the latest types, and I am hoping the platform updates the collections sooner than later.
You can select the chart type from the available 5 types which include Line, Scatter, Spline, OHLC and Candlestick. The default selection is set to the candlestick type, which I personally find difficult to interpret. You can change the default selection during your trade session.
You have the option to input over 30 chart indicators. The dark backdrop of the chart does not make it easy to perceive the data at certain times.
The pop-up lists for the selection of custom features on the chart make the layout simple and straightforward. The colour of the pop-up lists is the same as that of the chart which becomes redundant and I would have preferred had they introduced more colours in the theme.
The left-hand-side panel of the page has the options to access Positions, Closed Positions, Trade, Deposit, Funds and Account Statement. There is no option to access support from the trading page itself, and you will have to go back to the main page. I also noticed that the platform does not offer integrated live chat support, which is common among trading platforms these days.
All the tradable assets can be custom allotted into three categories of Trending, Daily% Change and Name. The graphic controls for option selections are a little confusing, as they have a redundant colour scheme of green and red.
You can assess the sharp directional movement in price using flags which include three types, Diamond, Square and Simple. The flag type of square and simple are quite similar, which might make you lose track while preparing a trade report.

Account Types

RosewoodTrust knows that it needs to build a market for its services, which is why it makes sure to broaden the horizons on that front. You will notice that with the way they align their account packages into 4 different types. You get the option to select from Savings, Passive Income, Retirement and Wealth Builder. I always tend to term the account types as packages, as each of them offers characteristic features that help them stand out.

Account Types

The Savings account was the first one that I got acquainted with, and it had a minimum deposit balance requirement of $250. I signed up to register to this account for a trial run on RosewoodTrust as I wanted to see for myself what trade conditions were offered by this platform. While this account features the least of features compared to the rest, I was still able to trade with over 200 assets. Other than that, you get access to the market review and are allowed flexible leverage up to 1:100. The competitive spreads for this account go up to 1.5% which is pretty considerable for an account fit for a trial run.

Once I was satisfied with the way the platform operated, I decided to upgrade to a better account. I found the Passive Account to be well-suited for my trade needs. Not only do I get access to features such as bonus funds, financial planning, risk management planning, special venture promotions, but I also get assigned a dedicated account manager. The brokers enlisted with this platform are experts in the field, as they have years of experience. You can count on them to help you find your way if you are a beginner in this industry.

Client Support

RosewoodTrust knows that there is intense competition in the market when it comes to online trading platforms, which is why they seek to satisfy their clients. The platform does this by ensuring that effective modes of communication are established. There are three means that this platform has set up which include phone, live chat and email.

I found the live chat to be the most effective method among these available options. I for one am not that fluent of a speaker, so getting my point across on the phone does not seem to be the best option for me. This is why I was glad to find there to be more options for communication between the platform’s administrators and clients. The service operations in all modes are efficient, so you won’t experience any problem there. The platform is also open to feedback, and you can easily register a complaint right after your session.

Client Support

RosewoodTrust counts on building a rapport with its customers and having a loyal clientele. The service operating hours for live chat is from 07:00 to 14:00 GMT, while for a phone call the operating hours are 09:00 to 13:00 GMT.

Final Thoughts

The credibility that this platform seeks to build is well on its way as Rosewood continues to introduce advanced tools and lightning-fast execution to its clients. If you are a trader who is new to this industry, you can try out this platform and it will surely help you build your profile. While I started out as an amateur, I have seen myself grow with the platform and make better decisions over time and experience.

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