Iron-Bits Review 2021–Is it a worthy CFD broker?

Being an active member of the trading industry, I have had several experiences with various Forex and CFD brokers. These experiences allow me to make comparative assessments, which is exactly what I wish to accomplish with my review on Iron-Bits. This platform is currently making waves in the market and I have been associated with it for over three years now. I thought the best way to showcase its dominance over its rivals is by highlighting some of its service properties through an unbiased review.

Bits Review

I have to say it first hand that this platform will have your attention from the first look itself. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur trader or a trader with years of experience under your belt, this company has set such an engaging trading environment for its customers, that you will be inclined to know more about it. This is indeed an accomplishment for Iron-Bits as most companies do not pay that close attention to the interface itself. Let’s evaluate the key aspects that this platform brings to the world of trading.

First Look

Specifications Rating
Date-and-Time 4/5
Language Selection 4/5
Graphics 5/5
Theme 4/5
Layout Design 5/5

I decided to rate some of the characteristic features that new traders would evaluate based on the outlook of the platform itself. Assessing the layout largely depends on your own personal preference and is each to his own. Traders who are surveying platforms, in general, need to be interested in exploring the platform further. The way you design your layout says a lot about the investment you have put in to give your customers a reliable trading experience. Iron-Bits reflects all of that and more with its well-thought-out server outlook.

The simplicity with which each feature is categorized says a lot about the platform’s drive for perfection. Iron-Bits has innovative graphics covering its server which make for an interesting display. Even though I am not the biggest champion of dark displays, I found the information well arranged. There are times when new traders find themselves a little lost as broker sites make it difficult for them to interpret certain features by using expert wording. Iron-Bits makes sure to keep its approach direct in this matter.

First Look

Where other broker sites choose to neglect certain features, Iron-Bits makes sure to pick up momentum, and this is exactly why this platform is adding value to trade these days. You can navigate through the layers of data available on its servers quite easily. I wish they would give more options for language selection in this domain. For now, you only have the option to select either English or German. The mobile browser features this selection; however, it does not showcase the date and time.

Even though you will have to redirect to get a visual on date and time, the Iron-Bits platform is designed for both mobile and laptops. So, you are free to trade using Iron-Bits from any portable device if you have a good internet connection.

Trading Conditions

This factor is one to consider the most, as you will be spending most of your time trading using this platform. Iron-Bits managed to stand out here as well as they have developed an interesting strategy when it comes to building the framework for trading on the world market. In my personal experience, I have seen that a number of trading platforms showcase similar features as they stick to the common arrangements. However, Iron-Bits has set its network from scratch, which makes it obvious that they are looking to stand out from the others.

While the platform is overflowing with tools and services, there is no clutter of any kind, as they have made sure to keep everything well-defined for their customers. They will be able to get news alerts regarding the latest news about the market. Such simple details that Iron-Bits has evaluated to ensure ease of trading operations for its customers is what makes this platform a worthy competitor in today’s market.

Technical analysis has always been difficult for me and with Iron-Bits I was able to seek help in that regard. My account manager, Leo Casper, walked me through the various technical indicators that this platform offers. These pattern-based signals made it easier for me to make price predictions, and I saw myself getting better deals. The way Iron-Bits helped me transform my trade operations allowed me to grow as a trader as the tools that I used put me at par with professional traders at that level.

Trading Conditions

The line of stocks provided by this platform is indeed worth highlighting as you get over 200 tradable assets which can be accessed through collections of Indices, Forex, Commodities, Stock and Crypto. I would have preferred had they introduced the latest collections in Crypto, but I am fairly confident they will upgrade the collections as the demand increases. Iron-Bits takes the needs of its customers well into consideration and is a champion of client-oriented service operations.

The buy and sell cost is highlighted in the left panel itself so you can make assessments with the chart right next to it. The custom-designed chart offered a satisfactory outlook. I am inclined towards lighter backdrops, which is why I wasn’t the biggest fan of the dark backdrop of the chart. Other than that, the information was up-to-the-mark. You could evaluate trade data regarding your favourite asset and monitor its performance in real-time. Iron-Bits is efficient when it comes to platform execution, which is why you can easily direct flash fund transfer and make withdrawals directly from this page.

I did notice that there was no option for support on this page and you will be required to go back to the Contact Us page in order to get help. I appreciate the expert advice that representatives of Iron-Bits offer the customers and would have really applauded had they introduced a direct means of communication from these pages.

Account Types

The adaptability of a platform speaks through its accommodation, and that is evident in its range of account packages. Iron-Bits makes sure to accommodate every type of broker out there. This is why their levels of accounts are categorized with different services and financial plans in order to fulfil the needs of any customer.

Each account has a minimum deposit balance requirement, which you will need to meet up to in order to open it. I started out with the silver account as it had the least minimum deposit balance requirement, which would work perfectly for a trial run. It is always better to get a trial run on a trading platform, as it will help you interpret if the trading conditions do in fact match up to your expectations.

Though the silver account does not offer that many features, I still was able to get a market review with significant leverages up to 100. After I was satisfied with my trading session, I decided to upgrade my account. I found the Platinum account to be a perfect fit for my trade requirements. While the Gold account had a list of impressive features as well, I sought for the Platinum account as it offered me Trade Signals and Private Analyst Sessions. These two service features are not present in the Gold account.

Account Types

I was a little apprehensive at first as the deposit balance requirement of €50,000 can be a big amount to fill, but Leo, my account manager, really helped me stay persistent through it and it was through his expert advice that I was able to stay persistent in my profits. The way he relayed the tricks of the trade to me really helped me pick up a rhythm and I soon realized that it isn’t about the biggest profit you make but more so about how consistent you are in making profits for your account.

Client Support

I found the network of service administration on Iron-Bits really hands-on. Their adequacy is proved through their own impressive resume as iron-Bits as expert brokers at hand who have years of experience in this industry. You can contact them through phone service, live-chat or email, depending on your preference.

Client Support

I like to type my queries, which is why I always chose to opt for the live chat method. I wish they had introduced a live chat highlight, but nevertheless, the server is well-optimized and always active. You will be required to register your name and message, and the service operator will patch you through depending on your query category.

Final Comments

I have been content with this platform for a while now. It is efficient and innovative in its execution, and you will find a range of tools that will help you grow as a trader in the long haul. Iron-Bits responsibly handles its domain in order to ensure that all trading guidelines are followed in accordance with the market laws. This is what makes the platform credible, and this young brokerage company is well on its way to establish a significant name for itself in today’s market.

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