CVMarkets Review 2021–How is this broker trustworthy?

If you are someone who is looking to upgrade your trade strategies with a newer perspective, then my review on CVMarkets will be of great help to you. You see if I have been trading in the global market for a while now and have been accustomed to a number of trading platforms. My experience in the industry as a trader has allowed me to grasp my own trade requirements and better my trade operations.

So, if you are still stuck in that zone of chasing hot tips and making binary bets, you will never be able to reach your full potential as a trader. Most neophytes try their hand in the market each year, expecting to either establish a new way of income or face disappointment. Usually, it is the latter situation, for they do not strategically analyse their buy and sell and continue to throw money at securities without knowing the reason behind the price inflation or deflation.


I for one started out as one of these novice traders and now find myself navigating through the world market with skill and authority. Granted, it takes time to develop such confidence while trading in the global market, which is why online brokerage companies today are making it easier for traders. It is a whole other level of competition that is going on with these online trading platforms.

While there are a number of trading platforms available today, I make sure to assess each of these service features before choosing them. It is imperative that traders are able to identify their own needs while opting for trading platforms for each one that offers characteristic features to their customers. My current review on CVMarkets will help you assess if this platform is the one for you.

Investment Opportunity

Traders that are looking for an affordable yet reliable assortment of features in trading platforms will find themselves in luck when they access CVMarkets. This is mainly because this broker strives to be approachable to all types of traders- beginners or experts in the field. Some characteristic features of this broker that make it the go-to platform for trading are:

  • Affordable Entry Prices
  • Reasonable Minimum Deposit Requirement of €250
  • Technologically Advanced Tools
  • Incredible Range of Learning Resources
  • Efficient Platform Execution
  • Dependable Customer Service
  • Over 200 Tradable Assets

While the credibility of this platform is quite evident from its astounding features, I will further evaluate some of these service options to give you a better overview.


You will be surprised by how essential a good interface is for online trading platforms as they make the platform more engaging. New traders looking for a viable trading platform generally prefer interactive tools on the main page, which is why when I first accessed CVMarkets I was pleasantly acquainted with its landing page. The platform ensures that beginners are easily able to navigate through it, which is why they have introduced interactive tools.

The colour scheme of the server was not something I personally was a fan of as I like bright colours on my display. CVMarkets has lined up its interface against a dark backdrop. Other than that there are only hues of blue which dull the display on the page. The integrated graphics, however, are well-organised which leave room for other dynamic tools such as pop-up lists. Overall, the entire layout is designed to be consumer-friendly.


Traders will find the date and time well aligned on the right side of the main page itself. While this will be very useful for them, they might be at an inconvenience if they are using the platform from a mobile browser as the option for visible date and time is absent on the mobile browser. You will notice that the entire layout changes when you access the website from the mobile. I like the compact features of the mobile browser as they manage to accommodate all essential options in a limited amount of space.

The right-hand side corner of the landing page is also set for the language selection option. While the selection is pretty easy as you only have to click on it to be directed to your own preferred language, however, the options are limited. As of now, the platform is only available in the English language in British dialect. This limitation might be an inconvenience for traders from other regions of the world. CVMarkets can do more to introduce a little more inclusivity in that regard.

Platform Execution

The trading platform centralizes the chart as its major tool. CVMarkets offers its customers the option to custom set the chart type from available 5 options of Line, OHLC, Scatter, Spline and Candlestick. You will come across the candlestick as the default chart type when you first access the platform’s page. I chose to set it to Line type, for I found it to be easier to interpret. Trade analysis is made easier by using charts as they illustrate the current scene of the market.

Platform Execution

I was looking forward to assessing the chart features, but the one thing that I personally found to be a little dull was the theme set for the chart. There was no option to set the colour scheme for the chart or its indicators, so if I were to flag certain positions during a trade session, I would lose track easily. I feel like the platform could do more in that regard by introducing custom themes for the chart. This will enable traders to set it according to their own personal preference.

CVMarkets strives to upgrade your trading skills, which is why it offers its clients a range of advantages. These include an easier way to make a trade report by understanding market depth orders. In this way, you are able to make better bids while maintaining the integral security protocols. This level and breadth of open orders are not considered by most trading platforms in the market, which is why they end up facing threats to their own secure networks.

Registration Process

If you are satisfied with the platform, you will want to sign up to make an account. The option for sign up is easily available in the top right corner of the landing page. Once you click on it, you will be directed to the registration page. The registration process is quite simple, as you will only be required to share your email address and full name.

The verification process that follows is even simpler as the platform aims to accommodate all types of traders. All you will be required to do for email verification is click on the link that is sent to your inbox. You will be directed to immediate verification. The next step has to be identity verification and for that, you will be required to submit your government-issued identity card for reference.

The verification can take a couple of days because CVMarkets is pretty strict when it comes to the implementation of security policies. They make sure that all their clients are well aware of the security guidelines, which is why they have a separate section for the legal framework. I was easily able to go through all security protocols as the platform is pretty transparent in that regard. They ensure that no market laws are violated on their servers, which is why they monitor all transactions that are carried out.

Account types

The range of account types that CVMarkets offers makes it evident that they want to ensure inclusivity in that regard so that traders of all levels will be able to find a place for themselves on the platform. You have the option to design your own unique trading game by using the tools available on the platform. The account packages include the six types Self-Managed, Basic, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Libra. Each of them has characteristic features that make them stand out, and you can select from them according to your own trade requirements. The fact that the upgrade process is just as simple makes it even more convenient for you to level up as you grow as a trader.

Account types

I decided to opt for the Self-Managed account when I was first trying out the platform, as it had the least minimum deposit balance requirement. With only €250, I was able to open my account and trade with over 200 assets. Not only that, but I also had the option to get a market review and improved leverages up to 100. Once I was satisfied with the trade operations on this trading platform, I decided to upgrade to the Platinum account, which had more advanced features. You can easily evaluate the service options of each account before making a pick. My broker, Martin Bird, was really helpful in making me assess my trade operations and make the most of the resources offered on this platform.

Final Thoughts

CVMarkets is changing the way the market works by optimizing easy-to-use features for its clients. Traders looking to change the game of trading should definitely give this platform a chance. I hope my review is able to get through with new traders looking to set the scene in the current world market from here:->

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