RichmondSuper Reviews 2021–Is this broker worth the highlight?

Reviews these days are meant to entice the reader, which results in most of them being generic. I wanted to present an unbiased review on RichmondSuper, a forex trading platform in order to give traders an insight regarding what this platform has to offer. The details of their quality features and service operations are further highlighted in this review.


Before that, I wanted to acknowledge the new dealers in the market that continue to make a ploy for customers. RichmondSuper manages to stand tall among them as most of them lack top-notch quality features. Another factor that worked in its favour was the immense number of spams that came the market’s way this year. It seems like there was a joint effort in play to cause damage to the integrity of online trading platforms.

All in all, RichmondSuper extends its services in solidarity with the market’s guidelines, thereby setting a precedent for reliability and efficiency both under one domain. I will run through each of its characteristic features in order to provide a sound analysis for traders looking for suitable trading platforms. My assessment will be based on my own firsthand experience and preference.

Does this broker have credible features?

There is a lot that a trader requires to achieve consistent profit when it comes to his/her account, and this is something that I have managed to pick up over the years from my own experience.

Security Regulations: This has to be the most prevalent need of them all. You cannot entrust your account details onto a shady platform. This is exactly why a platform needs to be able to gain your confidence in this regard. RichmondSuper has assorted its administration pretty well, as it has a separate section to take into account the legalities of trade.

Reasonable Charges: Most traders are starting out new in this field or are seasonal investors. This makes them picky when it comes to spending on commission charges while using brokers. RichmondSuper on the other hand is a commission-free, low expense financier that is determined to ensure that you make a considerable profit. The fact this broker has no hidden charges is another reason why I was driven towards it.

Trade Execution: This reflects on the broker’s efficiency in having you score good deals. The opportunities are open for you from the get-go, but the way you are able to make the most out of them is what counts. RichmondSuper has categorized various domains on its server designated to provide resources for learning, investment opportunities, and advanced tools essential for trading.

In my trading experience, there are several parameters that I seek to evaluate when it comes to trade execution. For online trading platforms, you depend on the server set-up a lot, which is why it is essential that it is engineered to perfection otherwise there will be delays in transactions. In the busy global market, a few seconds can cost you big time, so it is imperative that you are able to track positions and enter trades easily and in due time.

Trade Execution

RichmondSuper has a technologically advanced server for trading sessions. You may find yourself a little lost trying to find it as it is headed under Technology. Most platforms designate it under Trading Platform, thereby, making their access easy. I feel like beginner traders will be a little confused in this regard and the platform should consider introducing instructive tools to help them guide their way.

Administration Quality: The way a platform lays out its organization says a lot about its dependability. You can’t rely on a haphazard administration, especially when it comes to dealing with critical trades. RichmondSuper establishes a streamlined workflow, which makes it easier for traders to stay on course themselves. All brokers that are contracted with the platform have years of experience in this industry, which is why they offer expert advice on all accounts. You can count on the administration to help direct you towards the right resources at the right time.

Most platforms have the option to directly access the live chat through the integrated display, but RichmondSuper has a direct option for contact which requires you to fill a form. I did not expect the response to be as immediate as that of a live chat, but I was pleasantly surprised. While the client service is oftentimes delayed on the live chat owing to large amounts of traffic at certain hours, the direct contact links your email and you will be able to receive an immediate response regarding the current processing of your query.

RichmondSuper has well-adapted features for the busy market, so despite the immense amount of traffic, your trade session will run smoothly. Your accounts are monitored by service operators to ensure that all policies are in place. The administration is attributed for the fast order processing and you can count on them to assign you the best service representatives.

My account manager, Noa Rosenthal, for one, was always there to accommodate me and my queries. I don’t think I ever realized how essential it is to monitor positions on a chart, but the way Noa helped me in understanding chart intervals and indicators has allowed me to grow immensely as a trader. I would also credit the vast range of custom settings present in the chart that RichmondSuper offers its clients. This makes it easier to interpret trade data while optimizing it to your set standards.

How does RichmondSuper stand out?

RichmondSuper might lack on certain fronts, but when it comes to introducing specialized features, it surely manages to stand out. I knew this platform had set its sight on leading innovation when I saw it offer more learning resources apart from the conventional education centre. The platform opens its doors to host monthly and weekly webinars. Not only that, but it also engages its customers with various promotional ventures. This not only opens doors for traders to network amongst themselves but also seeks to accommodate various means of learning styles. You no longer have to depend on eBooks to help guide your way forward in the trading world. There are various other means to grasp onto useful information.

Some innovative tools introduced by RichmondSuper include:

  • Financial Commentary–You will be surprised with how essential this tool can prove itself to be. I had no idea what to make of it at first, but then Noa, my account manager, showed me how to work the reins. I realized how effective continuous market experiences can be in leveraging forex developments. The world of finance is immense, and traders today are in dire need of effective means of translations. RichmondSuper holds down the fort with this characteristic tool and beginner traders can make the most of it, as it will help them understand the current scene of the market a whole lot better.
  • Smart Alerts–The market is ever-changing and you need to work at its pace if you will to succeed. There have been times when I find myself slacking as I miss out on opportunities when they matter the most. RichmondSuper has found a way to bring these opportunities right in your lap by introducing smart alerts. The market’s activities can now easily be monitored by you. You will be able to receive alerts in the form of messages or email.
  • Stock Reports–Every trader has preferred stocks and with RichmondSuper you get access to the top-performing stocks. The fact that the platform promotes stocks for the long haul over Gold says a lot. I never expected them to outperform commodities by 4 to 1. So, keeping their significance in mind, my account manager, Noa, gave me stock reports time after time-related to my preferred stocks. This helped me keep track of them over time and also make profitable bids.

Stock Reports

  • Latest News–The changing news directly affects the trading world. For example, the legalization of sports betting in the U.S.A. at the beginning of this year helped increase the value of stocks such as DraftKings. This is why you need to keep track of news that is directly affecting your trading. Not only will this help you get the upper hand in most cases, but you will also be able to assess the market report beforehand. RichmondSuper makes sure that traders are well-aware of all parameters that affect their trading experience directly or indirectly.
  • Economic Calendar–This has to be my personal favourite of all these features. It’s allowed me to keep track of impending risk situations by marking them.

Final Thoughts

The final verdict that I would like to give for this platform is that it can introduce more inclusivity with respect to language selection so that traders from around the world can feel more welcome on this platform. While its efficiency and innovation stand out, it needs to introduce more instructive tools for beginner traders. Overall, RichmondSuper has put in solid effort to satisfy the needs of its clients, which will indeed help it go a long way in the trading industry.

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