Investment Center Review 2021- Why I Switched To This Online Trading Platform?

I have been trading in the international markets for quite some time now, but I have never been keen on using online trading platforms to conduct any sort of business. While I have many doubts about the online trading system, the main issue for me was the lack of any central platform that gave its users access to all the necessary tools required to trade.

When trading in financial assets, the ability to simply make transactions is not the only feature required. Many other parameters have to be verified before any transaction is made. I was never able to find an online platform that provided all features combined into a single package, which is why I stuck with good old conventional trading practices.

Investment Center

However, a colleague of mine recently asked me to check out The Investment Center. I was sceptical at first given my experience with online trading and brokering firms, but I must admit what I found at The Investment Center was completely different from my experiences with other platforms.

The User interface

Right from the start, I was greeted with a welcoming homepage where everything I needed to get started was carefully placed in particular places on the page such that it would not be an annoyance trying to look for them. The implementation of blue highlights combined with a white background gave me a welcoming feeling. The font style attracted my attention and persuaded me to look deeper. This is how I came to know about the feature-rich platform that The Investment Center was offering me.

The Ideal Platform?

First of all, not every trading platform provides all the tools needed to make international transactions. Many require third-party applications to complete the loop, but that raises privacy and security concerns since data is being transferred on public networks. However, The Investment Center completely got rid of these issues and security concerns by simply putting all the required tools for any financial transaction on a single platform without compromising on productivity.

The Ideal Platform

Smart Features

Some features and parameters are required for trading in a secure manner such that all financial assets are not at risk from any external activity. Now many online traders found it cumbersome to include every tool within their platform and were dependent on other applications to develop tools separately. This posed a compatibility problem as well as a security concern.

The Investment Center overcame such issues by providing their users with as many features as they could offer for affordable prices. Here are a few features that made my experience with The Investment Center better than other similar online trading platforms.

  • Multiple Types of Financial Assets
  • Secure Asset Management
  • Finance Management

Financial assets

Financial assets are the primary component of every trading platform. Without any assets to buy or sell, the platform would not be classified as a trading centre for investments. For me, the basic financial assets that I needed to conduct my daily trades were easily available, and I even got a couple of new asset trades by taking a chance on the different types of stock available on this online platform.

I was impressed by the overall result which is saying a lot considering that a couple of weeks ago I would not have dared to even go close to an online trading platform let alone be recommending it as a viable trading centre.

Some of the assets that were available for daily trading are different world currencies, CFDs on FX, company stocks, indices, commodities, and most importantly cryptocurrencies.

Financial assets


In the past few years, crypto has taken off and the market value of many cryptocurrencies soars in the present day. However, since cryptos are volatile, many platforms ignore them from their asset lists. Myself being a major trader of crypto needed access to crypto assets, but most online traders did not provide these assets in their catalogue. But when I saw the asset lists for The Investment Center, I realized that any platform that is confident enough to have cryptocurrencies in its asset catalogue was undoubtedly secure.

Secure Asset management

One of the most challenging things I faced in other online trading sites was that the asset management system was completely dependent on external applications. This undoubtedly was risky, since it would mean that the data about my financial assets might be compromised during this transfer since I was not in complete control. On The Investment Center platform, these worries were vastly decreased since The Investment Center utilized its tools to help users manage their assets without jeopardizing security and convenience. While this is a great feat, I wish they would introduce instructive tools to make the use of specialised tools easier.

Secure Asset management

Reliability and regulations

The Investment Center has taken steps to ensure that its system is reliable and does not cause any sort of inconvenience to its users. The different types of tools used are heavily regulated, such that they do not discriminate against any particular demographic. This is exactly why this platform does not allow access for traders from certain jurisdictions. While this may be an inconvenience for some, there are strict regulations in place when it comes to security.

Rapid response

When trading in different types of assets, I need to be constantly alerted to the present market condition so that I can make bold choices depending on the situation. In my past brushes with online traders, I lost big just because I was not able to keep up with the open market that relied on traditional knowledge acquirement techniques to make bids.

But ever since I got onto The Investment Center, I have not suffered a loss related to market alerts so far. This is a bonus of the asset management tool that allowed me to predict accurate situations and be able to make changes to my bids accordingly.

Rapid response

Now there are shortcomings to this tool as well since any minor alert might get blown out of proportion by the online algorithm. But since I am experienced in trading, I can distinguish between a bid altering shift in the market and a minor change that will not affect my bid. This disadvantage might only affect those who are inexperienced and have no knowledge about how the financial markets operate.

Withdrawals and deposits

There are many methods and systems that The Investment Center provided me with to transfer my earnings to my accounts or deposit them to trade in the open market. They are

Ø Maestro

Ø MasterCard

Ø Bitcoin

Ø Bank Wire

These are the primary methods through which I was able to successfully transfer my earnings into my accounts.

Account types

Online trading has long been a platform for well-established traders due to its high price to performance ratio, and it completely ignored regular people who could not afford the high prices they demanded. The Investment Center has built an entire system to cater to every demographic. It has account types for all people ranging from individuals who are just starting off to well-established traders who need the versatility that only online trading platforms can provide.

Silver account

The silver account is for entry-level traders who have little to no experience in trading financial assets in the open market. It costs around $250 and provides the most basic features of any online trading platform. A silver account will get you access to 200 assets that can be traded on the daily open market with the tools available on the platform. Users also get a market review and access to up to 100 significant leverages.

Gold account

Now, this is where some of the enthusiast features are showcased. Users get everything from the silver account along with a couple of bonuses such as access to lucrative gold spreads and up to 200 leverages. Users also receive a dedicated senior account manager along with financial and risk management tools. Gold members also get to attend monthly webinars and access to trade room analysis, along with a level 3 priority withdrawal process. All these features come at a mere $10000. My broker, Andy Klein, recommended this account to me after evaluating my trade business requirements. His expertise in trade data analysis helped me learn a whole lot more about smart investments and how to make the most of the opportunities that come my way. The consistent profits that I have made since then are something I definitely credit to his advice.

Premium account

Coming in at $50000 premium accounts are for the well-established traders. These accounts offer everything the gold account does but on a whole new level, along with a few extra features. For example, the webinars access is increased to a weekly event, and withdrawal process priority is raised to level 2. Leverages are increased to 300 and users now get access to premium spreads. Extra features include trading signals which help in making accurate bids on assets and special venture promotions.

Invitation only account

This is a special club that requires references within the official The Investment Center platform founders who allow only the most exclusive clientele to access these features. Everything is bumped up to the maximum at this point. Withdrawal processes are given priority level 1 and complete access is given to trade room analysis. Members can access VIP spread along with 400 significant leverages. And when it comes to event access, there are no stopping members of this VIP club since all members are given complete access. There is no fee for this account type since it is invitation-only, but it can be assumed that it won’t be cheap.

Closing Arguments

The Investment Center has designed a platform that does not omit the newcomers who have no experience in trading. This type of open environment where beginners can start off their trading careers is one of the best executions of an online trading platform. Now it has a couple of flaws that need to be fixed, but overall, it has been a good journey for me so far. I have experienced nothing in these short weeks to make me regret switching to this platform.

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