SecuredVC Review | Why Is This Broker Right For You?

It can be difficult to find your way through trading. This is why many traders opt for trading platforms. But how do you know which broker is most suitable for you? Most trading platforms come with optimal trade features. You can set them to suit your trade requirements. It is imperative that whichever broker you opt for has credibility in the market.

SecuredVC is one trading platform that has managed to live up to its reliable reputation. It has proven to be a dependable platform for its customers. Traders from beginner level trading to experts have found this platform suitable for their trade needs. This platform is equipped to cater to traders’ demands. The fact that it can handle all types of clientele is what makes it a dependable broker.

You won’t find these top-notch service features on any other trading platform. One of the best-selling points of this trading platform is its security features. They have a stringent verification process that is hard to parallel. This is why they have built a repute as a reliable trading platform. Your trade data is secure with this trading platform. No matter how extensive the information exchange is, the platform’s strong policies for security ensure mainstream trade data safety.

The availability of a wide variety of options makes it difficult to make a choice. This is why traders find it increasingly difficult to choose a trading platform. Each one comes with the promise of reliability. But with the number of spam servers currently available in the market, it is better to be careful

This is why I decided to review the trading platform I have been associated with for a few years now. SecuredVC has always been able to guide me through the volatile market. I find trading extremely convenient using this trading platform. I hope that my unbiased assessment is helpful for other traders looking for a suitable trading platform. They can review the features of this trading platform and decide accordingly.

SecuredVC Review

Trading Platform

The best part about this trading platform is its straightforward layout. You won’t get lost trying to find your way around the server. Beginner traders will find this feature extremely useful. Most of the commonly used services for trading are right at your display. Expert traders will be able to optimize their various trade requirements based on the service features offered. Whether you are looking to upgrade your trade strategies or want to build new ones, this platform has various expendable service options for you. SecuredVC makes sure it stands out from the market. You will be impressed with the ground-breaking leverage this broker has to offer its customers. It offers them a wide variety of tradable assets. They can have their pick using this platform. Not only is it efficient with regard to all types of trading, but it will also never leave you hanging. It can guide you through the toughest of situations. The data is well-evaluated before being fed to its clients. The customers get the best in-house trade information.

Trading is made simple using this platform. This is why beginner level traders find this platform to be perfect for them. The service features are described with simplicity. All of the options are categorized according to the most relevant need. However, one thing that may prove to be an inconvenience for some traders is the option for language selection. There are only two languages from which you can choose. You can either opt for the British version of English or German. I feel like this platform could work harder in broadening its spectrum. Traders from diversified backgrounds will find it easier to operate this trading platform. With the global market coming together so quickly, this is definitely something the platform could work on. This will also help them build their clientele.

You can now access this web-based server from anywhere around the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a suitable device. Trading using the alternatives of Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, and Commodities is possible.

Trading Platform

The platform design is pretty standardized. There is nothing innovative about the design. The layout may be simple and easy but it is set against a dark background. I felt like trade information could be more easily assessed against a lighter backdrop. This is something the platform can work on. Since this is a personal preference, they can always give options for customization. These options are available for the trade charts which take center stage on the trading platform page. You can set the chart type according to your requirements. Customers are provided with raw trade data which they can interpret according to their own trade strategies and decisions.

Expert traders will find the options to integrate customization features in the chart really impressive. Indeed options like Trending, Daily Change percentage, and Name help categorize trade information well. It is evident from these features that the platform has spent considerable effort into optimizing its features to suit the needs of different traders.

Account Types

The many account types that you get with trading platforms are good. This allows you to assess your trade requirements. Whether it is categorizing traders or their respective trade requirements, these variable account types are a necessity. SecuredVC manages to follow the trend of different types of accounts. Each one is characterized by specific features. There are four account types. Their service features are:

Self Managed Account

The minimum deposit this account requires is 250 EUR. You get 200 tradable assets. You also get access to the market review. You can work up to 100 significant leverages. This is a suitable account for beginners. They can always upgrade with respect to their growing trading requirements.

Gold Account

The Gold account is an upgrade from the Silver account. A deposit of a minimum of 10,000 EUR is required to open this account. The variety of service features included in the silver account are also present in this account. Other than that you get a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, Lucrative Gold Spreads, Significant leverages up to 200, Financial Planning Risk Management Planning Special Venture Promotions, and access to monthly webinars. The withdrawal process is prioritized at level 3 and the access to the trade room analysis is tier 3.

Platinum Account

A minimum deposit of 50,000 EUR is required to open this account. The features of this account include all those of the Gold account and more. Probably the most significant upgrade is the trade room analysis at tier 2 and the withdrawal process prioritized at level 2. There are lucrative Platinum Spreads available. You also get trading signals and Private Analyst Sessions as added service features in this account. The upgraded weekly access to webinars proves to be quite useful for traders.

VIP Account

This is an invitation-only account. All the service features of the Platinum account are included in this account. You get complete access to most of the trading platform’s services. Its exclusivity makes it stand out from the other account types.

VIP Account

Deposit and Withdrawal 

There are two methods for deposit offered by this trading platform. You can either deposit using a Credit\Debit card or go for a Band Wire Transfer.

Both these methods are also used to make withdrawals. However, you may experience some delays during withdrawals. The documentation approval can take up to seven to ten days. Even though this might prove to be an inconvenience for some people, it is actually beneficial with regard to security. SecuredVC offers strict guidelines when it comes to the security of its client’s assets. It makes sure that all security features are properly activated during each procedure.

You can always upgrade your account to get an exclusive advantage over fast withdrawals. Another thing that helps is employing the same method for deposits and withdrawals. This helps speed your document processing through secure protocols.

Customer Service

Good customer service always helps build the clientele of a trading platform. Customers want to be able to get excellent service on demand. This is only possible if they are able to effectively communicate with the trading platform administrators. SecuredVC ensures that it is available for its customers. The service operators of this trading platform can be contacted through email, live chat, or call. You can also categorize your message in order to speed up the communication process. The categories available to you include Customer Support Service, Trading Platform Assistance, General Feedback, or Complaint. The customer service will direct your message to the equipped service operators. All of them are well aware of the service guidelines. They are experts in their field. This is why they will be able to effectively take care of your needs.

The timings for live chat services are Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT. You can also communicate via a call from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 GMT. However, calling services are available only in three countries. This can be inconvenient for traders looking to contact via call. If you are from Australia, the United Kingdom, and Austria, you won’t face any issue. There might be times when you won’t be able to contact the service operators. This is due to a large amount of traffic on the server. The live chat service itself is quite convenient. You can always opt for it over a direct call.

Last Thoughts

SecuredVC has great service features. It is imperative that you evaluate its service features. This review assesses them comprehensively giving you a brief account of most of them. The trading world can be hard to navigate through. Having a reliable trading platform to guide your way through always proves to be useful. This trading platform manages to meet all of the requirements for a dependable trading platform.

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