Why Use Lanyards for Promotional Gifts?

Customised lanyards have been used for years now. It may be the digital age now, but we are still using lanyards in daily life. Whether you use them for an id tag, keys, name badge or more, a lanyard will give you a sense of belonging while being useful.

Promotional lanyards have withstood the digitisation of marketing. For the best lanyards, give the gift of good design and durability to your clients with Simply Merchandise, Australia’s leading promotional distributor.

This is why lanyards are a smart promotional gift as we go into 2023.

Lanyards Do Everything

Businesses and consumers alike are very interested in custom lanyards. Lanyards should be at the top of your list if you’re a business that wants to spread the word about your brand. They can serve as both excellent employee giveaways and useful promotional items that are literally advertising on the necks of people in your area.

Beyond all of this, lanyards are able to hold an extender line for tapped or swiped ID badges, they can be made shorter or longer depending on who needs them, and be distributed in numbers if needed. They really can do everything, with U clips, easy access openings and more.

Lanyards Are Stylish

Custom lanyards are very in style. A lanyard will still look good with a wedding suit or gown. This is huge because lanyards don’t take up a lot of space. The extremely thin cords can be worn with any attire.

Your lanyard’s colour scheme and design should not be too bright. Any set will look great in a colour scheme that is neutral. Everyone is aware that you are in charge because you are wearing your name tag and lanyard.

Lanyards Are Useful Tools

Remember all the times you had to hunt for your work ID before getting into the office building? Remember when you were a student and you didn’t need anything but your ID to get into the library? No matter what the important item is, keeping it on a lanyard makes you less likely to lose it. You can attach everything from IDs to keys to personalised reminders, tags or even a water bottle.

Lanyards Are Affordable

Custom lanyards are unquestionably one of the best products for marketing purposes. This is due to their inexpensive nature. It costs next to nothing to bulk order lanyards, and you can then use this large order to supply you for a long period of time, especially if you design them well. For the exposure you get from 100 people wearing your lanyard, the price is well worth it.

Lanyards Can be Customised

Among the many excellent promotional items available, custom lanyards offer the most flexibility in terms of design. The choice of colour, fabric, printing method and hook attachments determine the overall look, and there is so much to choose from when you choose a good distributor. By aligning your look to your brand, you’ll have a lanyard you love.

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