How to Start a Flossing Habit

Brushing our teeth is something that most of us do on autopilot. We do it so frequently — several times a day — that it has become second nature.

Yet there is a part of oral hygiene that many overlook — flossing. It takes time, it’s a bit invasive, and sometimes it seems easier to hold off. However, flossing is an integral part of your daily oral hygiene!

If you’re looking to start a flossing habit, read on. We’ve got some expert tips to get you started!

Set a Reminder

Starting a flossing habit can be challenging, but it can be done with a little motivation and an organized plan. The first step to developing a flossing routine is to set a reminder on your phone, laptop, or any other device to make a sound. Dedicate a specific time of day to flossing, such as at bedtime or after lunch, and remember to put floss and a mirror in an accessible location.

After a few days, you should begin to look forward to flossing. You can introduce different techniques and tools, such as floss holders or flavored floss, to help make flossing more interesting. Make sure to floss thoroughly up and down both sides of each tooth and between each tooth. This will make it easier to integrate flossing into your daily habits.

Brush Your Teeth First

Proper brushing habits involve brushing your teeth twice daily for 2 minutes using fluoride toothpaste and brushing in small, circular motions. Once you have obtained good brushing habits, it’s time to start flossing. It’s best to floss after brushing your teeth as this removes any missing particles.

When flossing, use waxed floss and gently slide it between each tooth and behind your back teeth. Ensure each tooth is thoroughly cleaned and move to a clean floss part when you switch between teeth. Doing this at least once daily will ensure your mouth and teeth are clean and healthy.

Address Underlying Concerns

Find what stops you from flossing, and work on your motivations to overcome them. At the same time, create a plan and structure for regular flossing, including setting achievable goals and regularly reviewing progress.

Create a rewards system for yourself to stay motivated, and find ways to make it easy and enjoyable. Finally, remember the long-term health benefits of regular flossing, which will help you continue the habit even in the most challenging times. To address your concerns, look for your Local Top Dentist.

Reward Yourself

If you’re ready to start a flossing habit, a great motivator is to reward yourself when you complete each flossing session. Start small with a piece of your favorite candy or a primary reward like a night out with friends.

You can also set up a reward chart with little milestones to tick off as you progress. Celebrate these milestones as you reach them, giving yourself small rewards.

Plan Ahead for Flossing Habit

Creating a flossing habit will benefit your oral and well-being and prevent long-term health issues. It is an easy habit to establish and maintain. Start by setting achievable goals and rewards, and use an app if needed.

Make daily flossing part of your nightly routine to ensure your mouth stays clean and healthy. Try it now and take the first step to lifelong oral health!

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