Why You Should Launch An Athletic Wear Brand?

The global sportswear industry is currently estimated at over $200 billion with that number only set to continue rising over the next few years. What this has made clear is that major brands like Nike are not the only ones that are raking in profits. And while there is a fair amount of competition in the industry, there is also a significant market share owned by smaller brands with new athletic wear clothing lines popping up almost every day.

As such, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that now is the time to consider launching your own brand. Also, given the fact that you can easily find athletic wear manufacturer here with Appareify, there is really nothing that can stop you from finding success in this market. However, building your own athletic wear line doesn’t come without its challenges, so we’re going to dive deeper into the entire process of starting from scratch and what it usually entails.

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Why Is The Athletic Wear Industry Booming?

Before we discuss the steps involved in launching your own athletic wear line, it’s worth taking a look at why looking at why the industry has been experiencing a boom in the first place. Simply put, athletic has become a popular choice of clothing, especially among women and teens since the pandemic because it does well to offer practical comfort.

Whether it’s going out for store runs, heading to the gym, running errands or going to the airport, athletic wear has become the go-to casual clothing item in most people’s daily wardrobe for almost every aspect of their lives, even over jeans. Due to this mindset shift, it’s no surprise that the market has been skyrocketing and experiencing consistent growth over the past few years.

However, this raises the question of what type of apparel line you should start. After all, sportswear brands come in different shapes and sizes with some offering sportswear, others selling activewear and others providing athleisure.

So, what is the difference between these three categories and which is best for your brand? Before you click on this page on Appareify to start producing your ideal clothing line, make sure to keep on reading to find out.

Which Clothing Style Should You Choose?

Some athletic wear brands will usually focus heavily on providing clothing that facilitates comfort, others focus on products that make athletes more efficient and the rest usually attempt to combine the sportswear aesthetic with the latest fashion trends. Let’s dive a little deeper to uncover what your branding options really are.

  • Sportswear: These brands will usually create clothing lines that are meant to supplement athletic performances, which is why they are often flexible, lightweight, and highly adaptable. They are also typically made using special fabrics and materials that are designed to cater to specific activities like competitive gymnastics, swimming, hiking, surfing, etc.
  • Activewear: These brands will usually produce athletic wear that is not restricted to a specific sport but rather caters to anyone with an active lifestyle, as they are designed to help wearers move around freely and comfortably. These products are essentially designed to be both stylish and practical with some of the most common examples being yoga pants, tank tops, joggers, etc.
  • Athleisure: While athleisure can also be used to participate in certain sporting activities, these garments are mostly designed to be a form of stylish yet casual clothing that can be worn anywhere. These products tend to be the most popular types of athletic clothing, as they appeal to anyone looking to remain comfortable be it outside, at home or even in the office.

How To Start An Athletic Wear Line?

Now that you know the difference between sportswear, athletic wear and activewear, you can start to focus on how to create your ideal clothing line. And while you may want to quickly dive straight into producing your clothing line, there’s a lot of initial work and research that you need to handle first.

Step 1: Work on product design

The benefit of launching your own athletic wear brand is that you have full creative control, which means that you can freely choose the materials, fabrics, patterns, colorways and even the manufacturer that you want to work with. This allows you to create a clothing line that has yet to be seen on the market.

And even if you don’t have the design skills needed to craft a unique concept, you can always work with a reputable manufacturer like Appareify. They can provide you with access to experienced design experts that will help you to put together the ideal product tech pack filled with all your desired specifications and designs.

You also need to take some time and research your target demographic before you start designing your clothing line. This is an important step in the process because you need to get to know your target audience. For instance, you may want to focus on a niche market like yoga wear or golf wear, in which case, you need to learn everything there is about that customer base.

Step 2: Find a reliable manufacturer

Once you have a clear view of what it is that you want to create, the next step is to find the right partner that can help you to bring your concepts and design specs to life. This can be a lengthy process because there are numerous options out there, which can often make narrowing down the list a bit difficult.

However, if you can find a reliable clothing manufacturer like Appareify, then you will be able to consistently produce high-quality garments without much hassle. In most cases, you can find a good supplier by attending local trade shows and industry meet-ups, where you should be able to collect a wide variety of contacts.

Alternatively, you can check out online reviews and client testimonials to find companies that specialize in producing this type of clothing. Keep in mind that you should always consider a wide range of factors like MOQ, pricing, reputation, experience and customer service before you make a final decision on who to partner with on your athletic wear line.

Step 3: Produce your athletic wear

Once you have the necessary foundations in place for your athletic wear brand, you can proceed to turn your concepts and ideas into tangible product samples. In most cases, this can take anywhere between 7-10 days on average, at which point, you will be able to review the finished product samples and decide if there are any extra alterations needed.

It is always a good idea to make sure that you request your manufacturer to produce multiple sample variations in regard to colorways, patterns, fabrics, etc. However, you should not feel pressured to launch multiple products but rather focus on a specific set of clothing items first such as yoga pants or polo shirts. The key is to experiment with different designs on one type of product until you are confident that you have nailed it better than your competitors.


Hopefully, this guide will have helped you to understand why you should consider launching an athletic wear clothing line and also how to go about it. After all, with the rising popularity of these types of clothing, there is undoubtedly a great opportunity for any startup brand to carve a space for itself in the market.

However, with so many competitors around, it is essential that you develop unique and high-quality clothing. And the best way to ensure that you stand apart from them is to work with a top-notch clothing manufacturer like Appareify, as well as make sure that you market your products using memorable and engaging brand messaging.

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