Starting and Maintaining A Good Dental and Oral Routine

When your mouth and teeth feel look good, you do too. A bright, healthy, strong smile is something that everyone should strive to achieve. If your teeth and your oral routine are not a priority in your life right now, then you need to switch this as soon as possible and make them a priority. Looking after your teeth and your mouth will ensure that you can eat and drink what you want for as long as possible. So, what should you be thinking about when putting together a good routine?

A Toothbrush That Is Effective and Efficient

The toothbrush that you use makes a big difference. Manual toothbrushes are cheap, but are they totally effective? You may be able to get the surface of your teeth, but when it comes to getting the crevices, and the far reaches of your mouth, you need an electric toothbrush, and preferably a round-headed one. When you use an electric toothbrush, the vibrations from the head clear away any little bits of food, dirt, and plaque, which a conventional flat-headed manual toothbrush just would have missed.

A Dentist You Can Trust

As part of a good dental and oral routine, you need to ensure that you visit the dentist regularly. Visiting McCrae Dental Surgery which offers dental services in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, will benefit your oral care routine and will help you to see what you are doing right and what needs improvements. You can do so much at home, but you need regular check-ups and inspections to establish if there are any other areas that you need to focus on. Without these in-depth regular check-ups, you may think you are doing a good job, but, in reality, you may be missing large areas of your mouth, which could lead to poor gums or even tooth decay or loss.

Cutting Down the Acidity Intake

Acid is present in a lot of foods and drinks stuffs, including the fruit that you consume. Too much acidity will affect your teeth and will weaken the enamel on your teeth. When you have weakened enamel, your teeth can yellow, and they can become weak. So before this happens, cut down on the acidic food and drinks that you consume.


As well as brushing your teeth twice a day, you also need to focus on flossing. Flossing after a meal, in the morning, or before bed can help to keep your teeth shiny and free from any buildup of dirt and even plaque. Flossing only takes a few minutes and can help remove those bits of food that get stuck between your teeth.


A good, strong, all-round mouthwash will leave you feeling fresh and will ensure that any germs or bits of food that are still within your mouth are removed. Mouthwash will not only leave you feeling fresh, but it will also help protect your gums and your mouth from a buildup of dirt, and plaque which will affect your teeth and potentially even leave you with bad-smelling breath.

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