Bad Habits That Hurt Your Teeth and Gums

The average American has less than stellar teeth. If you don’t want your mouth to turn into a graveyard after all the food you eat, it’s important that you follow certain guidelines.

The situation isn’t hopeless, though; there are things that you can do to prevent tooth decay and cavities before they get started.

Careful brushing combined with regular flossing will go a long way in preventing gross breath and teeth-related problems down the line. Once you get into the habit, flossing will become something of subconscious activity.

This list isn’t meant to be a lecture. It’s just there to make you think about certain bad habits that you have and how they relate to your teeth and gums.

Chewing on Hard Candy

When you chew on hard candy, what happens? Chances are that you break it down into little bits and pieces.

As the candy breaks down, it dissolves and gets into the spaces between your teeth. Now you have a problem; as time goes by, these sugary substances will turn into plaque, which is a sticky substance that has a tendency to attract more plaque over time and requires professional dental supplies to really remove properly.

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol does a lot of damage to your body. Drinking too much can eventually lead to cirrhosis of the liver, cardiovascular problems, and certain kinds of cancer.

Your mouth is also susceptible to damage from alcohol consumption. The alcohol can dry out your gums and make them more susceptible to plaque buildup.

Eating Too Fast

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Don’t talk with your mouth full,” you know that this is a bad habit that should be left in childhood.

Eating too fast is not just unsightly; it’s also an open invitation for food to get lodged between your teeth and start growing into plaque.

Using Your Teeth as Tools

Using your teeth as tools is something that a lot of people do without even realizing how detrimental it is to their oral health over time.

The problem is that if you chew on hard food – like candy or chips – your teeth begin to wear down. The plaque will start building up in large amounts, which can lead to cavities over time.

Wearing Crowns and Bridges

These may look simple, but they’re actually a major factor in the development of chronic tooth decay. These are the appliances that help restore your teeth by giving you back your missing tooth.

Using Tobacco

If you’re a smoker and a chewer of tobacco, there’s a good chance that you don’t even realize how much damage tobacco does to your mouth over time.

The nicotine in tobacco is highly acidic and can really damage the enamel of your teeth over time. It can also cause swollen gums that are constantly touching the dentures that you’ve got in place. If you already have gum disease, using tobacco will make it much worse very quickly. This can lead to smokers looking long in the tooth. If you’re struggling to quit chewing tobacco, it’s important to seek support and guidance. Consider utilizing a guide on how to quit chewing tobacco, which can provide valuable strategies and resources to help you overcome this harmful habit and improve your oral health.

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