How To Hire A Professional Cleaning Service?

First impressions are called that for a reason. You only get one shot to leave a good impression. If you don’t get it right the first time, you might never get the chance again. This expression holds a lot of value for commercial spaces, like business fronts and offices. You want to project a professional image to your customers and business partners. Therefore, you need to hire a professional cleaning service to tidy up your property and office space. It is important to emphasize the value of hiring a professional service if you want to get efficient and high quality results.

Tips to Hire Cleaning Services

If you are new to hiring cleaning services for your office space, you might be confused as to where to start. This guide is exactly for you. Find out how you can find the best cleaning services for your needs.

1. Ask for a Referral

Tap into your network if you are looking for cleaning services for your office or commercial space. It is very likely that you know of other businesses that might already be using a cleaning service. You can ask them for a recommendation if they currently work with a cleaning company with a good track record.

It is important to seek recommendations only from other businesses that you trust because it can give you satisfaction guarantee that they can deliver a quality job. Their opinion about the cleaning service also holds a higher value than the ones you read online because you can ensure that the review is based on their personal experience.

If you don’t have access to a network that you can consult, you can seek recommendations from your social media. You might be able to get references for office cleaning services from those that are part of your social network.

2. Online Research

Another step to finding the best professional cleaning services is to look for them online. You can input specific search terms, such as “cleaning company” and “cleaning service” within your city, such as Sydney. This will give you some relevant options for a professional cleaning service in your city.

Doing online research on the best cleaning company will save you time and effort in doing a comparison of various service providers, especially those who specialize in office cleaning. You can also check out the information on their website to obtain the information you need to make a critical decision. If there are reviews online, you can also use the information to determine if the cleaning company is a valid option for you and if it fits within your budget.

3. Check the Reputation of Cleaning Services

Choosing the best cleaning services requires that you work only with those companies that you have background checked. It is important to choose only those that can maintain a good reputation and have shown excellent service.

Choosing a cleaning company based on reputation does not only refer to the quality of their cleaning service. Trust is an integral part of the process. You want to make sure that you trust the people who you give access to your business facility. Of course, cleaning services must only be given access to the facility and your office premises while you are not working. Therefore, you should be able to trust them enough to give them access to your space while you’re gone.

Professional cleaning services must conduct themselves like true professionals. They should respect your space and come in there with the goal of making the space tidy, and ensuring that all parts of the space are squeaky clean, such as the carpets, floors, windows, bathrooms, and more. They should stay true to their claims of providing quality service so that you can get your money’s worth. It’s also important that the cleaning services you hire are able to work under minimal supervision without compromising quality results.

If you are considering a few professional cleaning services, do a quick search for them online. Check out what the general feedback is on their services. Is there any negative feedback on them? What was the feedback about? Are their previous customers generally unhappy or satisfied with their cleaning job?

4. How many cleaners do they have?

Depending on the amount of space that requires cleaning, it is important to check with the cleaning company if they have enough people to get the job done. Some spaces require a general clean and some others need deep cleaning (such as the toilets, bathrooms, and tiles). Therefore, you need to have enough professional cleaners depending on the extent of the job you require.

5. Budget

cleaning budgetBudget is an important factor to consider when you are hiring a professional cleaning service. Even if a particular cleaning service can provide you with quality results, it might be a bit far off your budget range. On the other hand, you don’t want to go for a cheap service where the quality of the cleaning job is compromised. Make sure you consider both aspects – quality and cost.

The best way to go about it is to assess and understand your business needs. The type of cleaning job you require will dictate the cost of hiring a cleaning company. If you require deep cleaning, then you can expect to pay more for it versus those that require a general clean.

It is important to have the option to discuss them with professional cleaning services. Otherwise, they are not a good option if they don’t give you the flexibility to choose the kind of service that matches your business needs. Make sure you choose cleaning services that can offer competitive pricing.

6. Safety

Keeping your customers and employees safe is the number one reason for hiring cleaning services. It is important to have a tidy space but you need to look beyond appearance. A dirty space means that it promotes the growth of disease-causing bacteria. Therefore, the best office cleaning provider will be able to make your office and business space much safer for the employees and your customers by keeping it tidy at all times.

It is also important that the cleaning services team observe safety measures when doing the cleaning job. That way, you don’t expose your employees to more hazards at work. For example, using toxic cleaning products is bad as it can expose your employees to toxic substances. Therefore, you have to give utmost attention to detail when comparing and choosing various cleaners in the market. Make sure they have the right equipment and tools for cleaning to ensure the best service with a thorough clean and minimize any potential risks.

7. Ask for a Quote

Once you have narrowed down your options on which professional cleaners to hire, you can ask them for a quote. Most of these companies will be willing to give a quote for free and without any commitment. If a company pressures you to do otherwise, make sure that you look for other options. You don’t have to pay or commit to anything yet. It is crucial that you can weigh out your options based on the cost and the quality of the professional service given.

8. Insurance

When choosing professional services from a cleaning company, it is important to look for proof of insurance. There are many potential risks for damage when professional cleaners are doing a deep cleaning job on your commercial property for stubborn stains in the windows and floors. For example, your windows could get damaged or some office supplies can get broken.

Even the best professionals in the industry are not safe from these untoward incidents. Therefore, it is important that the professional cleaning service you hire is fully insured so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected from any losses should any similar incident might happen.

When to Hire a Cleaning Services

How do you know when you need cleaning services? For some businesses, hiring cleaners might seem invasive. There is also the option to hire an in-house janitorial team. But the latter option is more expensive, especially if you are a startup or a small business.

If you have a small team and your employees are busy, you need a professional cleaner team to come in to clean your office space. They can do an efficient job because they have the expertise and equipment. Therefore, your team can focus on growing your business instead of keeping your office tidy.

It is also a good idea to hire a professional cleaner when you just moved into your office, or when you recently renovated the office (post renovation cleaning). Cleaning the floors, carpets, windows, and upholstery can take up a lot of time. In business, time is a valuable resource. Therefore, you can use that time toward growing your business instead of cleaning. It is best to leave this one to the professionals.

Finally, you will also need professional cleaners for end of lease cleaning. Many business space owners require companies to pay a deposit as part of the end of lease as part of the deal of maintaining the space in good condition. Lease cleaning is one of the fastest growing branches of commercial cleaning services. You can use the end of lease cleaning service so that you can get your deposit back and hand over the space to the owner in the best possible condition.

A clean working environment is a must for any commercial space or office. It is the first step in protecting your employees and your business, especially since it could affect your professional image. Make sure that you choose the best cleaning services to give you the confidence that you can have the best results that you will feel confident with and have complete satisfaction.

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