Tourism in Mongolia | Explore its rare Nomadic life

Mongolia’s rich culture, alluring landscapes and history of an empire

Tourism in Mongolia is rapidly growing because of its unique history and a prehistoric culture they have preserved from centuries. From riding in horses and including mutton in everything they eat; Mongols lead a totally simple lifestyle. Mongolia is a country with natural beauty, Alluring landscapes and wilderness, vibrant cultural diversity, rare nomadic peoples, and yearly festivals. What makes tourism in Mongolia much more exciting is its varieties of the landscape from steppes, rivers, valleys, deserts to mountains.

With it’s history of an empire, connection with Nature and their passion for music and their rare Nomadic Life, Tourism in Mongolia in a mesmerizing cultural experience.

The right time to go to Mongolia

Mongolia has four lovely seasons. To plan a budget tour in Mongolia it is best to see and travel at the time of the season which suits you best and if you’re looking forward to some specific Mongolian festivities like the Naadam festival.

But the cold and chilly weather in Mongolia is definitely a Big No as the temperature falls down to -40°C and is harsh. The weather can be very unpredictable in Mongolia so it’s better to plan your tour accordingly. Planning your tourism in Mongolia in winters means witnessing the chance to visit the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park which is particularly enchanted and picturesque during the chilly month of January.

Explore Mongolia on a Budget

If you wish to get away from the usual country life hassle and away from all the Wi-Fi, all your contacts and the bickering of people Then tourism in Mongolia is definitely your chance to avail all such opportunities. You really feel like you’re on a break leaving everything behind. The best thing is you can easily have a budget tour in Mongolia, when you go out to museums and to eat it’s really not that expensive at all. Here, you can explore, experience and learn more and spend less.

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Mongolian Rick Culture and The Naadam Festival

The Naadam Festival is the pure celebration of the Nomadic people. Where people all around the world come around and celebrate in the mid of July. In this Festival nomadic people play games such as archery, Riding on a horse and Wrestling. Wrestling is a vital game in Mongolia and has its own essence. Mongolia has the best wrestlers in the world. But people do not only perform these three games of men, they also dance, sing and perform. The Naadam Festival is one of the best times of the year and one of the best times you should plan your tourism in Mongolia.

Ger Camps

The Gers are made up of timber columns and covers put and held together with a rope which keeps you protected. They are usually painted with exciting orange with complexed patterns of blues, purple and different shades of greens inside. Mongolian women are known for their rugs and their weaving abilities. To live in Gers is a slightly different experience than the one you have in a luxury hotel room but once you spend your night here beneath the star lit sky you’ll never want to live anywhere else.

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