5 Places To Visit When You Are In Delaware

With over 1900 sq miles, Delaware is the first state to sanction the constitution in 1787. It’s an amazing place to cherish your family time and some fun-filled moments. It has a rich history, craft beers, family fun, beaches, and lots of amazing things to make your holidays worth remembering.

So if you are visiting here any time soon, here are a few things/places that should be on your bucket list:

5 Best Places to Visit in Delaware, USA

Delaware Art Museum:

Do you want to see the classic American Art of the 19-21st century? Delaware Art Museum focuses on English pre-Raphaelite Art of the mid-19th century. The museum comprises premier work and a collection of papers of American artist Howard Pyle.

Pyle’s illustrations in the popular books called Robert Lewis Stevenson and Mark Twain are still some of the best illustrations. Apart from this, Pyle is known for its drawings, paintings, mystical etchings, and special collections at the Delaware Art Museum. Approaching the museum, you will see an eye-popping Dale Chihuly arrangement of glass flowers.

Grand Opera House:

Also known as a Masonic hall or Grand Theater, the Grand Opera House is a reestablished 1871 victorian theatre. It hosts variety shows, victorian melodramas, operas, and symphonies.

You will get to see many amazing live performances as the house host over 100 shows in one year. There’s a lot more- the house entertains and enriches the community with various educational programs. So shop your favorite class attire from the nearby shopping malls in Delaware and book a seat for the classic opera show.

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Air Mobility Command Museum:

Have you ever seen impressive aircraft under one roof? Air mobility command museum is the place you should visit. The museum has over 30 aircraft of different sizes and shapes. You will get to see presidential aircraft, fighter helicopters, cargo hauliers, and bombers under one roof.

Also, there are U-3A Blue Canoe, c-47A Skytrain, and various other airplanes. This is the only place where you will see machines and personnel aircraft performing the airlifts. Make sure to check the operational hours before visiting.

Rehoboth Beach:

If you want to see the combination of sophistication and artsy, Rehoboth beach is the place. It’s one of the best places to spend a day on sand and water. The place is more than just a beach; here, you will also witness an amusement park called Funland. Moreover, if you are a golfer, test your focus at the most famous Creek Country Club.

Hagley Museum And Library:

This place comprises the original du Pont gunpowder mill and an estate and garden. The place consists of extensive lush greens, original gunpowder mills, and real estate. It’s an amazing place to take a dip in cultural history. Bonus! The museum has an eye-widening collection of antique cars and vehicles.

Brandywine Zoo:

What to experience the life of jungle or animal kingdom? Brandywine Zoo is the place! The zoo is situated in Wilmington and is expanded to approximately 12 acres. Also, there’s a special kid’s centered classes like zoo kids, Art in the park, Winter Day camp, and more for kids.


So, those are few things to keep in mind when you are visiting Delaware. The place can be your perfect getaway from fun for the family to romance for couples and relaxation places.

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