Significance of NCERT Books in Exam Preparation

In order to provide a common level of education for students, the National Council of Education Research Training was established in the year 1961. The major work of this organization is the revision of curriculum relying on subject wise textbooks. Curriculum and syllabus play a crucial role in students’ life. The main aim of this organization is to provide standard education across the country. NCERT Solutions are designed by the highly experienced faculty in accordance with the current syllabus.

NCERT Solutions are helpful not only in board exams but other competitive exams as well.
Books published help secure more marks in the exams based on the CBSE board. The solutions in an elaborate manner help students to understand the topics covered under each chapter in depth. NCERT textbooks are formulated by the experts after conducting vast research on each concept. As the class exams come near, tension mounts among students. In order to overcome this, students are suggested to refer to NCERT books.

Among numerous pieces of advice, students get suggestions of various reference materials, which are available in the current market. However, students obtain an idea that it is best to follow NCERT books to enhance their academic performance. The main advantage is that the exam question paper is based on the concepts discussed in the NCERT textbook. These books with precise answers help students to clear theory and practical exams with high marks. Here, students can download NCERT Solutions in PDF format, to solve textbook problems effortlessly.

By merely going through NCERT books and mugging them up to score good marks will not help students with good results. Before moving ahead to solve questions in the NCERT textbooks, students are advised to go through the chapter in detail. Once after solving the textbook questions, students can cross check their answers referring to the solutions prepared by the experts. By doing so, students get a clear idea of the questions on which they need to work upon more. This also helps them to present the answers in exams more effectively.

Provided below the main objectives of NCERT

  • To enhance standard education among students providing research based education
  • To develop similar education among students throughout the country with proper reference materials and tools to practise
  • The concepts are explained in a comprehensive manner after conducting thorough research on each one of them
  • Practising textbook questions improves conceptual knowledge among students
  • The answers prepared by the expert faculty help to improve logical thinking and problem solving skills which are main aspects from an exam perspective.

Therefore, NCERT books are the best study tool for board and other competitive exams as well. Going through these solutions, students get an idea of the type of questions that would appear in exams. Practising illustrative examples present before each exercise helps to grasp the concepts with an ease. Solving ex 10.3 Class 12 textbook questions, boosts confidence in solving complex problems in a short span of time without any difficulty. Students undoubtedly achieve their career dreams by practising NCERT Solutions on a regular basis.

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