Battle Scene in Frederic Remington Paintings

Frederic Remington (1861–1909) was an American painter, sculptor, illustrator, and writer specializing in depictions of the American West. His best-known works depict cowboys, Native Americans, and the U.S. Cavalry in action scenes. He was also a prolific writer, producing articles and books about his experiences in the West.

Remington’s artwork captured the spirit of the American West and made him one of the most popular and influential Western artists of his time. He was also known for his bronze sculptures, which he created from 1894 to 1909. His sculptures are displayed in many museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Painting Style and Influence

Frederic Remington’s paintings are known for their authenticity and attention to detail. He is globally known for his depictions of the American West, with subjects ranging from Native Americans to cowboys and western landscapes. He was especially adept at capturing the motion and drama of a scene.

Sculptor Remington’s painting style has been described as a combination of realism and impressionism. He is also famous for using light, and shadow helps to create a sense of atmosphere and drama. Remington’s western paintings influence can be seen in the works of some of the greatest western painters and sculptors of the 20th century, including Charles M. Russell, Thomas Moran, Edward Borein, and Charles Schreyvogel. There are tons of resources to learn more about Remington artists.

Famous Battle Scene paintings by Frederic Remington

A Dash for the Timber, 1889

Dash for the Timber is an 1889 painting by American artist Frederic Remington. This Frederic Remington art features a scene of a small group of cowboys and Native Americans on horseback, racing to escape a burning ranch house in the background. The painting captures the chaos and confusion of the moment, and the movement of the horses and riders is emphasized by the vibrant brushstrokes of Remington’s signature style.

Remington, the cowboy, set this painting in the American West and conveyed a sense of danger, adventure, and excitement. It has become one of Remington’s most iconic works and is a visual representation of the American spirit and the struggles of the settlers of the West.

Attack on the Supply Train, 1885

This iconic late 19th-century portrait of the American West shows the impressive ability of painter Frederic to capture details and one of the most famous Frederic Remington paintings. The painting depicts mounted American Indian warriors attacking a supply train. The train consists of a locomotive and several cars filled with supplies and provisions. The locomotive is displayed with a plume of smoke and steam as the engineer tries to get to the station’s safety.

The Native American warriors, armed with bows and arrows, are shown in a relentless attack, determined to capture the supplies. The horses of the warriors rear and buck as the warriors hurl their weapons toward the supply train. The dark sky and the thick dust from the locomotive add to the sense of urgency and danger. The painting captures the struggle between Native Americans and the encroaching white settlers in the American West. Remington’s painting is an influential and iconic representation of this conflict and a symbol of the Wild West.

Charge of the Rough Riders, 1898

This painting was an act of bravery and heroism led by Colonel Theodore Roosevelt and his regiment of Rough Riders. On July 1, 1898, after intense fighting, Roosevelt and his men charged up San Juan Hill and drove out the Spanish troops. This charge effectively secured victory for the U.S. forces and helped to end the Spanish-American War.

The battle is immortalized by Frederic Remington art, commissioned to paint the scene in 1898. The painting depicts the Rough Riders making the daring charge up the hill, Roosevelt in the lead, and the Spanish troops fleeing in the background. It is a powerful reminder of both courage as well as determination of the U.S. troops during the war and of the leadership of Colonel Roosevelt.

The Scream of Shrapnel

The Scream of Shrapnel at San Juan Hill is an iconic painting by an American Remington artist. It depicts the chaotic and violent nature of the 1898 Battle of San Juan Hill, one of the most critical battles of the Spanish-American War. The painting shows a group of soldiers under fire from Spanish artillery as they charge up the hill.

In the foreground, a soldier is thrown back by a shell’s explosion, while in the background, soldiers are seen running up the mountain in a desperate attempt to take the hill. The painting conveys the chaos and terror of battle, as well as the courage of the soldiers. The portrait is an important reminder of the sacrifices of those who fought in the conflict.

The Defeat of the Crazy Horse

This 1877 painting by Frederic Remington is an oil on canvas painting depicting Crazy Horse’s surrender to U.S. army troops. The portrait has a realistic, almost photographic quality, with vivid details such as the soldiers’ uniforms and facial expressions.

The painting is a powerful reminder of the end of the Native American resistance against the overwhelming force of the U.S. government. The picture is a reminder of the courage and bravery of the Native Americans and the tragedy of their ultimate defeat.


Frederic Remington was a highly talented artist. He was one of the most important painters and illustrators of the American West in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His paintings and illustrations of cowboys, Native Americans, and the rugged American West have become iconic images in American culture. Remington was also a personal friend of President Theodore Roosevelt.

The two men shared an innate passion for the American West and often went on hunting trips together. They became very close friends, and Roosevelt even hung some of Remington’s works in the White House. Unfortunately, Frederic Remington died in 1909 at the age of 48. He suffered from acute appendicitis, and complications from the illness led to his death.

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