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When Is It Time To Move Out?

Are you a college graduate? Or do you need to figure out your next move? You likely moved back in with your parents for budget purposes while working. You may be hunkered down with family because the COVID-19 pandemic derailed your plans. Don’t worry, though: you’re not alone. There are a lot of people out there in the same boat as you.

52% of young adults (ages 18 to 29) live with their parents—up 8% since January 2020. Meanwhile, as of September 2020, most young adults aged 18-29, 52 percent, still live with their parents. A part of it is because of crippling student loans and changing societal norms. However, another crucial component to consider is the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying job loss and college campus closures it caused.

If this is you, you might feel it’s time to leave the nest, but you’re unsure how. When should I leave the nest?

Here are some signs you need to fly from the nest soon:


First is the curfew. Following strict rules at home as an adult under your parents’ roof can be tricky. For some, even harder. It’s normal and valid to feel that way.

Back in the day, my parents refused to let me go home late, even if it was for work or uni. I also had to return home by a certain time on weekend nights. It still felt like I was a child, even if I was a fully-fledged adult. It feels demeaning.

You want to stay on the good side of your parents. However, that means less socialization with your friends. Let’s kiss your social life goodbye, right? Right.

If they love to pull out the “this is my house, my rules” card on you, and you’re tired of the fact that you constantly have to abide by their rules, and it’s wearing you down, then it’s time to fly!

You can move out to a good Megaworld property!

No Privacy

There are parts of your life you want to keep from your family. However, if you’re still living at home, nothing is private. If you want to continue keeping things to yourself, moving out can also help.

If you’re a private person and you like to keep things to yourself, moving out can help solve this problem.

Combative Relationship With Parents

You may love your parents, but you’re a grown-up now. How you act and think can also be subject to scrutiny and come under attack by your parents. Getting fed up with it is also a problem. If you find yourself fighting your parents over many petty things, it’s another sign to take off.

Long Commute

If more than half your day’s spent on a commute (totaled with work), then honey, you don’t have any time for yourself! The commute’s tiring. Physically and mentally, it can fatigue you. If you spend too much time commuting, go for a place closer to work!

It’s a fair trade-off.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, there is no wrong or right answer. However, all these signs point to a certain maturity that comes with age. The sooner you leave the nest, the better it will be!

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Angelo Castelda is a freelance writer and digital nomad who loves to travel around Asia. He finds comfort in working around the beautiful islands, mountains, and beaches of the Philippines, which is where he usually draws inspiration when writing about travel, lifestyle, and real estate.

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