Sergey Tokarev: AI is not an alternative but an addition to human intelligence

Sergey Tokarev, one of the co-founders of Roosh and founder of SET University, shared his thoughts on how artificial intelligence is developing and what changes await this technology.

Sergey Tokarev has been actively promoting artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in Ukraine for many years. In an interview with the Ukrainian edition of RBC, he shed light on the world’s expectations from artificial intelligence and shared his visions about the future development of this direction.

Sergey Tokarev about the speed of AI development

The rapid development of artificial intelligence comes as a surprise to many. This impressive breakthrough in AI happened so fast that none of us could have predicted such an imminent achievement. However, according to Sergey Tokarev, this is only the beginning, as technology continues to improve and improve.

At present, artificial intelligence is successfully solving simple problems, but in a few years, it promises to demonstrate incredible results. The future promises impressive breakthroughs in this area, and we can expect AI to become even more powerful and versatile.

The development and application of artificial intelligence must take place following clear principles and regulations. Consideration should be given to the potential risks and negative impacts that may arise with the development of such advanced technologies. The safety and ethical implementation of artificial intelligence must remain a priority for society and the scientific community.

Is AI a human replacement, or not?

The question of artificial intelligence as a replacement for human intelligence is of interest and much thought. However, Sergey Tokarev argues that AI is a complement to human intelligence, not a replacement for it. AI is advancing rapidly, and it is currently successfully solving simple problems, but its capabilities are just beginning to unfold.

Comparing AI to a powerful tool rather than a competitor, Sergey Tokarev emphasizes that AI technologies help simplify and optimize our work, freeing us from routine and boring everyday tasks. In the future, artificial intelligence promises to present impressive results, which promise new opportunities and changes in all areas of life.

However, the effective use of AI requires an understanding of the processes and tasks to which AI is applied. Defining the desired outcome and clearly articulating the AI prompt are key elements. For example, to obtain an accurate image of a dog, it is necessary to describe in detail all the characteristics of the image to avoid unwanted assumptions from the AI.

Why is AI not a perfect option?

According to Sergey Tokarev, the development of AI faces ethical issues, especially concerning the use of publicly available data such as photographs and images. Issues of legal liability also cause difficulties, since the existing legal system is not yet ready for such a rapid development of artificial intelligence.

Tokarev believes that in the near future, there will be many analogs of ChatGPT and other AI developed by different states or private companies, which can lead to difficulties in determining legal liability in case of problems or harm associated with their use. In this regard, it is necessary to review and change the existing legal system in order to adequately respond to the challenges of artificial intelligence.

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