Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Wales

Whenthinking about Britain, many people’s minds go straight to England; however, there’s much more to the UK than England. Wales is one of the most beautiful places that one can visit. From cosmopolitan Cardiff to the historic buildings of the city, there’s so much to do and see in the beautiful country of Wales. Full of castles, gardens, sceneries, and much more, Wales is a cultural experience like no other and one that won’t be matched elsewhere. In order to make the most of a trip to Wales, be sure to experience at least one of the below tourist attractions.

Holiday Parks

When visiting Wales, you’ll obviously need somewhere to stay. One of the most popular modes of accommodation on the Welsh coast is holiday parks. From Aber Bay Holiday Park to other holiday homes by the sea, there’s plenty of opportunity to stay at a holiday park during a visit to Wales. These spaces leave the coast on your doorstop and provide you with an array of activities, as well as being situated in the heart of a buzzing community. You’re sure to feel welcomed to Wales when staying in a Welsh holiday park.

Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia is one of the most famous spaces in Wales, being known for its beauty across the globe. Snowdonia sits within the county of Gwynedd and consists of 14 majestic peaks that are upwards of 3,000 feet high. As a result, Snowdonia is one of the most popular UK vacation destinations, with as many as four million tourists visiting each year. The area is also steeped in local legends, such as that of King Arthur, who locals are convinced was Welsh. Similarly, Snowdonia is a popular hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding spot.

Brecon Beacons National Park

brecon beacons national park

Though it’s often shadowed by the likes of Snowdonia, Brecon Beacons National Park is one of the most stunning Welsh locations. As a result, it’s often described as a hiker’s paradise that’s bordered by black mountains. To the west of the park, you’ll find the source of the River Usk and the east is home to a handful of wild ponies. Within the 520-square-mile park, the majority of the mountains are upwards of 1,000 feet, and a few exceed 2,000 feet. In addition to large mountains, the park is also a space of various waterfalls and caves that any visitor must take the time to explore.

Cardiff Castle and National Museum

Due to its photographic nature, Cardiff Castle is a must-see for any visitor of Wales. Though it was constructed some 1,000 years ago, it still remains intact, ready to be explored by tourists. Exploring the castle can take a good few hours, so be sure to allow plenty of time to do so. The castle is home to the state apartments, old chapel, banqueting hall, medieval murals, elaborate fireplace, and more. After your castle adventure, be sure to pop over to the National Museum in Cardiff, which is a free and major attraction.

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Devil’s Bridge and the Hafod Estate

Last but not least is the Devil’s Bridge and the Hafod Estate, which is situated around 12 miles from Aberystwyth. In fact, the bridge is rather three bridges that have been stacked on top of one another, with the lowest dating back to the 11th century and the highest being built in 1901. These bridges run across the Rheidol Gorge, in which the River Mynach plummets into the valley beneath. Following the Falls Nature Trail to the bottom is one of the best ways to explore the space.

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