Top 6 Qualities You Must Look While Hiring The Right Process Server

Looking for the best process server to handle all the tasks efficiently? Well, it isn’t easy to find the best process server who can get the job done. However, we will help you in locating the best one by describing the desired traits that a process server must possess. Yes, you heard us! We have covered the six main qualities that your process server must have. This will also help in shortening the hiring process and shortlisting the candidates faster. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

6 Best Traits To Look For When Hiring A Process Server

Besides adequate qualification, process servers must exhibit some unique qualities that distinguish them from the rest. You can read more about them below.

1. Resourcefulness

A resourceful process server can handle the variables like location, identity, and time smartly and complete the given task with full efficiency.

Let us understand this by an example. Let us say there is an evasive party, and the process server assumes the role of delivering the cake to a birthday event.

In case he is not allowed to enter the premises, he can reply by asking to deliver the cake to the main person and handling any further objections. Once he verifies the main party and faces him/her, he will serve the documents successfully.

2. Devoted & Hard Working

You need to remember that process serving is not a 9 to 5 task. A process server should be ready to put in long hours and work on an odd schedule to complete the job successfully. This trait comes into play when the party is not available at a given location and time.

3. Patience

Having patience while delivering the documents to the party is another vital trait for the process servers. Sometimes, the servers leave the documents at the place when there is no sign of the party. This can put the whole lawsuit in jeopardy.

A good server knows that waiting for the party patiently at a location is sometimes a better strategy than returning to a given address multiple times. Moreover, law firms should conduct comprehensive research for the providers to avoid any uncertainty.

4. Speed Of Service

Speed of service refers to the time taken by the process server to hand the documents to the party and revert back the proof of delivery to the respective law firm. It is crucial to analyze both metrics to define the speed of service of the process server.

5. Foxiness

A smart and witty process server will use the above traits to funnel down the best location to deliver the required court documents to the party. In the process of getting the best location, the process server can ask questions to the neighbors about the whereabouts of the party after they leave the residence.

A good process server will definitely know that investing time and resources in finding the apt location will be more beneficial than relying on the party and returning to the bad address multiple times.

6. Research & Technology

A crafty and smart process server conducts proper research about the party before handling the documents to deal with all the challenges in the delivery process.

Moreover, the server exercises smart tactics and uses proper technology to handle evasive and hard-to-get parties.

Some Last Words

Getting the right process servers will surely reduce your burden of managing every aspect of preparing for civil litigation. So, follow all the pointers shared above to help you in selecting the apt process servers that will prove to be an asset for the firm. We hope this guide will help you scrutinize ideal candidates faster.

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