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Things To Consider While Getting A Meditation Pillow

Meditation can be challenging; to make it easier, you can do a few crucial things, such as using a perfect a meditation pillow. Keeping a cushion beneath, with less pressure on your hips, helps bring more focus and relaxation to your mind. The finest meditation pillows assist in a proper posture, keep the legs in a comfortable position & make it possible to sit for a more extended period, which means they are just as adequate for mindfulness as for home-based working.

What does meditation pillow mean?

A meditation pillow, also called a zafu, gives optimal assistance in kneeling or sitting while practicing meditation. “Overall, such pillow helps to make the meditation experience more satisfactory, which can be more helpful for those who are a novice,” A meditation pillow can improve the sitting posture and allow to meditate for a more extended time. “They assist in relieving pressure from your joints,” explained Fleming. “Such pillows also deal with back pain or in case you are not so flexible.”

What is the use of meditation cushions?

The two primary places for sitting cross-legged in a zafu:

  • First, keep the knees on or above the pillow at the center.
  • And the second one is at the edge, which helps the knees to rest near or on the floor. By the time, you will settle in the position that works best for your body.

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How will you choose the perfect meditation pillow?

Zafus might look identical, but you can differentiate them by some significant differences from each other:

  • Opt for the right fill for you: Several meditation pillows are filled with buckwheat, a conventional filling that is economical-friendly, durable & comfortable. Best among all would be that you may take out or fill buckwheat hulls to modify the height & density of cushions. Meditation pillows can be heavy, although, if you are planning to move the zafu around or keeping it in your studio, a pillow with cotton-filling should be your choice (just keep in mind that cotton loses its shape more rapidly than buckwheat)
  • Be thoughtful of the pillow height: in a meditation pillow, the prominent considerable feature is its height, as everyone wants to get support throughout the long sitting periods. For example, If a person has shorter legs, then opt a shorter pillow, while for a longer-legged person, a bit more heightened to cross suits comfortably. It is also recommendable to select a taller pillow if you are not so flexible & have a shorter pillow if you can stretch more flexibly.
  • Find the ideal shape: after the height feature, shape also affects the practice of meditation; the crescent-shaped pillows can give more room to the legs, which can be helpful for the more flexible meditators. More oversized pillows work well for those with wider sit bones. A few meditation cushions also have a zabuton or a mat that you can place beneath the zafu, adding an extra comfortable layer for warmth on top of the ground.


A good meditation pillow assists in a comfortable sitting and stable position. Do proper research to opt for a cushion of your choice, but do remember that you should often tweak and try to adjust a pillow once you get your hands on it. Consider the shape, height, type, and firmness when you select your meditation cushion. All these features may help you achieve the awareness, balance, and comfort that your meditation can bring you.

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