Testing Of New Business Ideas

Any ideas need to be tested and verified, this is helped by the increasingly popular digital sandbox approach. It allows you to save money on launches and earn more through innovation. Another way of saving money and the possibility to win the jackpot is on the casino Betchan.

The implementation of digital solutions is a risky initiative. It may not pay off or meet expectations. In the current environment, many companies are cutting the budget for innovation and focusing on optimizing existing technologies. They are heading for preservation.

Nevertheless, now we have found ourselves at the point of maximum free regulation of the domestic market. The domestic innovations will be met with special enthusiasm. A business that, in the current environment, comes out with the introduction of advanced digital experience, can not only revive its industry but also provide separation from competitors in the future.

Why Is It Needed?

Sandbox of ideas” helps to quickly collect several ideas for improving or creating a business process or company product. That is employees who communicate with customers every day become the main driver of ideas and development. They better understand what goes wrong, where what customers need, and what processes can be improved.

For them, the sandbox can become not just an HR tool. It can also be a guarantor of stability in this difficult time. If a company finances innovation, then this is an indicator of its stability during a crisis. The ability to offer ideas encourages employees and helps them get involved.

The “sandbox” is an important strategic testing ground. It helps you want to build anything. A business tests a particular hypothesis, initiative, product, service, or service for a limited period of time. This approach helps to overcome the sabotage among performers who are subsequently downgraded by innovation. It helps to instill a digital culture of change in employees, as well as to economically justify the introduction of innovations.

The main ideology of the “digital sandbox” is to launch an idea in a safe environment. We do not punish anyone if some new product or process is not launched.

Even unsuccessful projects are framed in a case. We cannot digitize this process or launch a digital analog of an offline colleague. At what stage do difficulties arise? Why is it difficult to scale, and will not bring financial growth to the business, increase return, and customer loyalty?

This allows you to learn from your mistakes, adjust approaches and improve future initiatives and services.

What Is Needed To Launch It?

First, there should be a lack of bureaucracy. In the first year of work for each project, we drew up a contract and allocated a budget. But this only complicated the task. Therefore, we switched to the Agile system. The “sandbox” does not need to be regulated in any way. This only indicates the basic needs of the company and the requirements for projects. Paperwork and multi-stage approvals can kill any innovative idea.

The second is the allocated budget. Even testing and launching a pilot needs funding. It is much easier if it is a pre-agreed budget for experiments in general, and not for a specific project. Otherwise, the implementation of projects becomes noticeably more complicated.

Third, it is the participation of cross-functional teams. To check the product, you need the help of several specialists who will evaluate the solution from different angles such as payback, technical component, marketing, and so on.

Finally, that is the lack of fear of rejection of projects. Failed ideas are a normal story for pilots. Therefore, you need to be able to immediately finish projects that have not yielded any results in the present and will not be able to take off in the future.

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