Are Meditation Pillows Worth the Investment?

In today’s fast-paced world, meditation is gaining quick popularity since more and more people are getting aware of the benefits of mindfulness, keeping mind, body, soul in the present, and deep breathing. According to science, investing just half an hour of time at the start of the day in meditation can make your day go by smoothly.

But how can a meditation pillow help with getting you through a successful meditation session? A meditation pillow is specifically designed for people who want to engage in meditation practices. Their cushiony structure can help with elevating the pelvis, where you put your hips above your knees.

The major key aspect of these pillows is that they have an ergonomic design to help align your spine. It helps with sitting in a proper meditation position to allow better blood flow throughout the body. You might be wondering why you should invest in a meditation pillow and just use the normal pillow. There are many reasons why.

Elevate your comfort level during meditation

The human body is shaped uniquely and also needs some kind of support to stay in a proper shape, so it would not cause any stress on the joints and limbs that can turn painful. Not to mention it can cause misalignment to your body. But when you use a meditation pillow, it works to your advantage to offer you much-needed comfort, so you don’t have to sit on the floor for a long period of time which is the ideal position while meditating. The pillow can raise you up enough, effectively reducing any painful sensations. Further, the pillow can work as an insulator while you sit on the floor.

You stay in a more stable position

Your meditation pillow can give you the extra height that helps you with being more stable. No matter what meditation position you are attempting, your body needs to be in a stable state so you can focus more successfully. The most common stance of sitting cross-legged half-lotus position can be done with increased stability. Your meditation pillow can help you raise your hips more comfortably, so you can work on achieving different positions. With more comfort and stability, your meditation period can last longer.

Stay more focused in your position

The meditation pillow helps with keeping your spine straight so your mind stays more alert. If your meditation turns very relaxing, you might fall asleep. This is where your meditation pillow can help you with staying focused, so you feel less sleepy during meditation, as it acts as a meditation prop. Moreover, as the pillow assists with preventing body misalignment, your blood flow optimizes in the body with optimal meditation position.

Even if you are one who doesn’t practice meditation often, using a meditation pillow can help with aligning your spine and the lower back. There are many different types of meditation cushions available that serve many different purposes. However, while choosing your meditation cushion, consider your meditation posture; make sure it’s comfortable not just regarding your position but from fabric material and height perspective.


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