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What Is The Best Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring?

Wood flooring looks just great regardless of their age. You might have noticed this if you have ever walked into an old house with wood flooring. Natural hardwood is the most durable flooring option. It can last for decades provided you take good care. With time, the hardwood floors get dulled, scratched, and worn out by spills, dirt, furniture dragging, etc. These issues are not permanent, and you can quickly fix them by understanding the right time to refinish your hardwood floor and restore its beauty.

Find Out The Ideal Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring can add value to any property. Nothing can match rich and natural wood’s beauty, warmth, and aesthetics. But, even if well-protected, hardwood floors will eventually experience some wear and tear in due course. However, to ensure that your floors are correctly looked after, the best idea is to reach out to the professional hardwood flooring refinishing Muskoka company since hardwood flooring installation, refinishing, and maintenance needs expert hands.

Not all hardwood floor damages will be equal. You can efficiently deal with some types of damages, whereas more severe issues will call for immediate action. As early as you start seeing the signs of wear and tear, immediately get things fixed. Delaying or overlooking is likely to grow more severe and could call for extensive repair or replacement.

Apart from other things, knowing the right time to update hardware flooring is also a big challenge. Well, here are some signs to look at to determine if it might be the time to refinish your hardwood floor.

Water Damage

Water is the biggest enemy of hardwood floors. Even the tiniest drop of water can cause damage if not cleaned properly. If you experience any leak or other catastrophes, it is crucial to dry the surface as soon as possible. Besides, severe water damage can cause cupping, wrapping, or cracking of the wood. Replacement can only resolve this issue. Less severe issues may only cause staining, and you can deal with the issue by sanding or refinishing. Addressing the issue at the right time will give you better results and save you money in the long run.


As time passes, some scratching is likely to happen on hardwood floors. It is very natural, particularly in high-traffic areas. Minor scratches in isolated areas are often not an issue to be considered. Scratches found in the stain often do not require any repair. On the contrary, scratches deeper into the wood are much more severe and indicate that your flooring needs to be refinished. Scratches that penetrate the wood pave the way for water to get in and can further damage the floor, however, you need to deal with these issues promptly. You cannot fix scratches by simply applying an additional coat of stain since it will only change the hue of wood. The correct way to repair hardwood flooring scratches is to sand and refinish the floor.



Gaps and craters

When wood and consistent traffic comes together, damages can go beyond superficial scratches, particularly if you have children and pets; even without them! Deep gaps and craters, like deep scratches, allow water to get in and cause severe damage to the floor. Moreover, splintering and cracking of the wood is harmful to everyone in the house.


Discoloration or graying of wood in some sections can not be the ordinary aging sign. The discoloration can be a sign of water damage. It means the polyurethane coating has started to wear away. Graying is a sign of wood getting oxidized, and if the issue is overlooked, it can get even darker until it turns black. Ignoring discoloration or graying can cause more structural damage. However, it can be riskier. If you encounter gray spots, it is an indication that your hardwood flooring requires refinishing to prevent more severe damage.

Too much staining

Staining is similar to scratching; unavoidable but a natural consequence of hardwood floors. You can prevent staining, but if it becomes excessive, it is an indication that your flooring needs refinishing. You can try regular cleaning products to remove staining. However, if it doesn’t work, opt for sanding and refinishing before it gets too late.

Sun damages

Getting natural lighting in is good, but not for hardwood flooring since it can result in discoloration and other damage over time. If your house interior is consistently exposed to direct sunlight, the flooring will fade or pale as time passes. Reapplying the coat of stain sounds like a good solution, but it will not fix the problem entirely. The ultimate way to resolve the issue is by refinishing the floor by professional hardwood floor refinishing Muskoka experts.

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Worn spots

The higher the foot traffic you have on hardwood flooring, the sooner it can start looking worn. Think about refinishing your hardwood flooring if you encounter worn or faded spots. Overlooking the stains or worn signs can be even more hazardous. The regular wear signs are commonly noticeable in areas with heavy traffic like the hallways or doorways. Besides, you can also find them in other heavy usage spots like under the tables and chairs that are often moved. If the stain wears off, it lets water enter and causes wood to warp or even cause mold growth. If not dealt with promptly, you might need to replace the entire flooring, which could be utterly expensive.


These were just a few commonly seen indicators of damage that you can deal with in a normal refinishing process. But, there are other signs also. It is essential to stay aware of the conditions of hardwood flooring to spot any issue that could arise as soon as possible. Staying alert will keep your hardwood floors looking great for many years.

Regardless of how great your floors appear, it is good to get them examined regularly to ensure that the seal is still intact and has the proper protection against water damage. The best way to examine your flooring is to pour a tablespoon of water into the worn areas. If the water doesn’t get into the wood, the seal is still in its best condition. But, if the water seeps into the wood, consider sanding and refinishing the seal immediately.

Besides, you don’t have to wait for any damage indicator to refinish your flooring. You can get it done even if you are not happy with the look of your home and wish to change the color of your hardwood floors. If your floors are in their best condition, sanding and refinishing with a new stain color becomes more accessible and cost-effective.

Once you make your decision to refinish your hardwood floor, it is crucial to ensure that the job is done correctly. However, it is ideal to rely on the skilled hardwood flooring company Muskoka which has the precise knowledge, expertise, and necessary tools to complete the job correctly. Hardwood floors are a significant investment that will need care and attention. Stay watchful for any indications to refinish or restoration they might need. The sooner you fix the problem, the better they will be and the longer you will be able to enjoy them.

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