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Laminate flooring and hardwood flooring both drastically change the look of your house. Both high-end options have a warm, cozy look that can make your living space look more luxurious and classic. It is hard to find any subtle difference between the two. Nevertheless, if you plan to create new flooring or remodel the existing one, here are some good points you should consider learning.


The flooring determines the value of your property, its appearance, style, and overall appeal. Laminate flooring and hardwood flooring are the two among the most commonly used flooring options for Canadian homeowners. The similarities between the two make it challenging to choose the best one.

Hardwood floors are natural and sturdy. Their construction makes them the most beautiful flooring option that fits the taste of time. Many historic homes in Canada are seen to have hardwood floors. Notwithstanding, laminate floors come up with a similar appearance but at a comparatively pocket-friendly cost. Henceforth, most modern homes have laminate flooring instead of hardwood.

While choosing which option to get, hardwood or laminate, it is crucial to learn the benefits and drawbacks of each. Indeed, laminate floors are inexpensive and will certainly perform a great job. But there are a few factors to take into your consideration, like durability, installation, and more.


The first thing to be taken into consideration in making a choice is the expense. Both options are affordable. Nonetheless, one is more expensive.

Hardwood flooring, on the whole, is more expensive than laminate because of its design and construction. Usually, hardwood is made from trees already harvested. Trees are costly to cut down, and so is the further proceeding. However, hardwood flooring installation is costlier than laminate.


On another note, Laminate floors consist of slabs made of the wood mixture. The slabs all together are pressed at extremely high temperatures to create a unidirectional laminate. Making things more clear, the materials used in this process are more affordable than hardwood. However, the pricing difference amid the hardwood and laminate flooring installation could be as high as forty to fifty percent.

Furthermore, when it comes to installation, laminate flooring installation can cost approximately four to eight dollars per square foot based on the material and complexity. Notwithstanding, hardwood flooring installation costs ten and 15 dollars, depending on the job complexity and material used.

So, with a limited budget, laminate is the right option to choose since it is less expensive and offers an excellent value for the investment.


Before you decide on the ideal type of flooring, it is equally important to consider the possibility of wear and tear. Foot traffic, dirt and debris, and atmospheric conditions are just a few elements that can impact the longevity of your flooring. Additionally, this aspect can affect how practically functional and appealing your floors look a few years later.

If you are looking for durability, hardwood flooring Scarborough comes with the best flooring options that are strongly durable. Besides, hardwood is the material that will stay in place with no visible loss in its aesthetic value. You only need to follow strict routines for cleaning and maintenance since it is vulnerable to dents and scratches.

Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is extremely durable and strongly scratch resistant. Besides, it is also moisture and water-resistant, and easy to clean.

Maintenance and Repair

Over time, it is obvious to encounter damage to the hardwood flooring. However, as required, repairs are to be done to ensure the lasting beauty of your floors.

You might be trying to figure out which option will be easier to fix and maintain amid Laminate and Hardwood. Well, Hardwood floors are easy to fix. They require sanding the scratches and marks on the floor.

Conversely, Laminate floors are not easy to repair. If the flooring is made of individual pieces, it will be easy to repair or replace. It will be hard to find the perfectly right match due to the other pieces’ aging and wear and tear on the floors.


By purchasing high-end wood flooring, you will experience an innate sense of authenticity and warmth. And a pre-attached layer will provide you with an extremely comfortable underfoot feel. Besides, the substantial structure of hardwood flooring provides great soundproofing and thermal qualities.

Hardwood flooring is installed over a foam layer. However, it provides you with great comfort. The surface of laminate flooring, on the contrary, enhances the clicking sounds of shoe heels and pets toenails.

If your major concern is comfort and ease of use, laminate should be your first choice. But, if you are looking for sound and thermal insulation, nothing could be better than hardwood.

Size and Dimensions

Generally, hardwood floors are available in 1 ½ inch long and 2 ¼ inch wide boards. These boards can be up to 48 inches long with an average width of 6+ inches. Moreover, the thickness of hardwood boards is approximately 3/7 inches.

On the contrary, laminate flooring planks are circa 4 inches in width and have an overall length of about 48 inches. Based on the design and construction of the floor, laminate flooring can have a thickness of between six and twelve millimeters.

Pick the best option

It is hard to determine if hardwood is superior to laminate. Consider the elements mentioned above in conjunction with your specific needs to choose the most appropriate alternative. Based on the features, hardwood flooring installation provides many aesthetic pros and functionality. Nevertheless, they are ideal for sitting rooms and other living areas. If hundred percent water-resistant, hardwood flooring can also be used for bathrooms. Most importantly, it is not recommended to use hardwood in areas with higher exposure to sunlight.

Notwithstanding, laminate flooring Markham best suits the houses with pets and the areas with a lot of foot traffic. Besides, it also wicks away moisture better than wood floors.

Undoubtedly, both options add value to homes as well as other buildings. Before you decide, consider your unique needs and lifestyle in light of the criteria described above.

Your renowned local flooring company will have a wide selection of laminate flooring and hardwood flooring options. Browse all available options while choosing the most suitable one that fits your needs and your house.

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