Where are Tungsten Counterweights Used For

Heavy alloy is called three high (or 3 H) composite, because of its high thickness, high strength, and high hardness. Tungsten alloy is along these lines utilized as a stabilizer for hardware, boats, and airplanes.

The counterweights, balances and flyweights are utilized in equipment; the weight bars are utilized in oil well-logging enterprises; vibrators are utilized in game machines; stabilizer parts are utilized in route, cruising and so on; gyrator is utilized in aviation, plane stabilizers, etc.

Tungsten alloy counterweights are utilized in racing vehicles, paddling; in golf head and so forth. Tungsten heavy alloy counterweights are the ideal material particularly when utilized in little spaces. Agescan can provide configuration, production, and processing according to client prerequisites.

What are tungsten counterweights?

Tungsten Counterweights1Tungsten Balance Weights (Tungsten Counterbalances, Tungsten Counterweights) are produced using our tungsten alloy combination, it very well may be utilized to make up for motions, heavy moves, uneven balances and vibrations, make or shift focuses of gravity and all the more by and large guarantee the ideal equilibrium. When it is a counterweight on excavators por airplanes, Tungsten balance loads are pivotal parts in a wide range of uses. Tungsten balance loads help to lessen the heaps that parts are presented to and improve their service life.

Where are tungsten counterweights used?

Tungsten heavy alloy is amazing due to its optimal strength and high thickness and adaptability. Here are the different places where tungsten counterweights are used –


Counterweights made of tungsten heavy alloy could altogether work on the equilibrium and take care of execution of the plane. Also, the exact machinability is the motivation behind why tungsten compound is quite possibly the most preferred material in aviation application, for example, counterweights and balance of body parts, for rudders, ailerons and for helicopter propellers.

Oil and Gas

Generally, with regards to natural or geotechnical concentrates about groundwater, mineral, oil and gas extraction and exploitation, it is important to investigate layers appropriately prior to boring boreholes. Well-logging is performed at different stretches during the penetration of the well and when the all out depth is drilled, which could go in ranges from 300 m to 8000 m (1000 ft to 25,000 ft) or more. This is why tungsten heavy alloy counterweights are useful.

Cranes & Forklifts

The motivation behind why tungsten combination is utilized as the super unrefined substance for the forklift stabilizer is that it has a higher extent than other counterweights. At the point when the size is something similar, the heaviness of tungsten alloy is a lot higher than the heaviness of other stabilizers, which can successfully lessen the likelihood of forklifts toppling, and simultaneously can essentially broaden the replacement period of counterweights.

Phone Vibrator Component

At the point when your cell phone vibrates, there is an unpredictable movement, which is brought about by a capricious engine with vibrating parts. As the focal point of the gravity is unpredictable, and isn’t in the rotor of the engine, then, at that point, the cell phone vibrates. For this situation, you want hardware with high explicit gravity and heavy wear-obstruction, which tungsten counterweight can easily offer.


Stabilizers can be basic steel plates or they can be planned with complex geometries due to the compartments wherein they should be put. Tungsten alloy counterweights are utilized to offset a contradicting mass in a direct or revolving movement system, permitting development with lower main thrusts. Tungsten alloy can be utilized as an optimal material for counterweights in elevators.

Golf Weights

Tungsten compound golf weights are currently notable as the best material for this huge work of golf club balance. Since embracing tungsten alloy golf weights can extraordinarily work on the exhibition of golf clubs; such countless competitors from novices to experts like to utilize them. It provides them better strength and all the more improvement in their games.

Whether it is a counterweight on excavator, elevator, or a forklift, tungsten counterweights are amazing to balance the massive load of different equipment. That is why they are becoming more popular than lead weights in several industries.

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