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5 Things to Know Before Buying an Aroma Oil Blend

Essential oils seem like a must-have item in any ultra-modern home. But did you know that these aromas have a history stretching thousands of years in ancient cultures, including Egyptian and Persian?

There is a good reason why essential oils have stood the test of time. The smell works magic on our senses and can often leave us with a sense of inner peace and calm.

But before you rummage around for your bank card to make a purchase, take a look through our five things you must know before buying your first oil blend.

1. The Diffuser

There is more than one way to diffuse essential oils in a room. You should decide on a diffuser before buying your essential oils, as it might impact the type of oil you need.

Nebulizers use non-diluted oil and use it quickly. In contrast, modern ultrasonic oil diffusers use diluted essential oils, so your aroma blends will last longer. Browse this collection of diffusers for an overview of your choices.

2. Oil Quality

You’ll need to read labels and product descriptions to understand how the manufacturer produced the essential oil blend. That will give you an insight into the likely quality of the oil.

Look for the original Latin name in the ingredients and check the country of origin for the plants. Always buy from a label that says 100% essential oil, which means the oil is undiluted.

Check the packaging too. It’s best to store natural oils in glass containers, not plastic. If in doubt, always buy from reputable and long-established retail with plenty of positive online reviews.

3. Organic or Not?

You don’t have to buy organic, but it’s worth knowing the added benefit of organic essential oil.

Organic means the oil comes from a plant without modern fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals.

Some people prefer to limit non-organic products in their homes. Other people choose organic for environmental reasons, as organic production is less harmful to the soil, wildlife, and insects.

4. The Room

Before buying an aroma blend, think about where you’ll use it in your home.

Big, well-ventilated rooms need strong, powerful scents. You might also find that subtle aromas work better than others in smaller spaces, as they are less overwhelming to the senses.

Don’t forget about the room’s purpose. For kitchens and dining areas, you don’t want to choose an aroma that might interfere with the delicious smells from your cooking accomplishments!

5. The Price

A couple of factors will determine the price of an aroma, so set yourself a budget at the beginning of your search. Organic oils will cost more. Oils labeled as single-country origin will also cost.

The ingredients will also shape the price of your essential oil. Citrus scents like lemon and orange are low in cost. These fruits are readily available, and the processing is straightforward.

Other scents, such as sandalwood, are more expensive, as they undergo a more complicated extraction process. In its native India, the government also limits the use of sandalwood for sustainability.

Find the Perfect Aroma Oil Blend for You

Essential oils are an excellent addition to any home. An oil blend will boost your sense of well-being and leave your home with a scent that signifies beauty, cleanliness, and tranquility.

Use our five tips to help you buy the perfect aroma oil scent. And why not browse our home improvement section for ideas on how to turn your aroma diffuser into stylish room decor?

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