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How to Upgrade Your Room with Modern Pendant Lighting?

Proper and creative lighting helps you achieve a magical transformation in your living area. So, are pendant lights still popular and trendy? Easy yes! Pendant lights are super elegant while providing spectacular illumination as architectural masterpieces.

While most pendant designs qualify as modern lighting, some have gradually faded out. This is why you should be informed on the characteristics to look out for if you are in search for stylish options. Let’s get started on some ways to spruce up your space using pendant lights.

Tips And Tricks of Upgrading Your Room with Modern Pendant Lights

Geometry Is Key!

Pendant lights with a touch of geometry-like angles are great for upgrading soft spaces. You can pair them with other elements of the room, like patterned fabrics for the best results. Ensure you find a fine balance while incorporating this bold style so your room doesn’t look overwhelming.

Integrated LEDs

LED is a key advancement in modern pendant lights. You can easily control the light intensity and temperature of these bulbs, allowing for better comfort. For instance, the dimming feature enables you to adjust the pendant lighting according to use. Whether you require a soft glow while unwinding in your bedroom or ample lighting while working, all is achievable.

Modern pendant lights come with lighting options like Edison and candelabra. Manufacturers use different LED bulbs for their pendant lights, so ensure you comb through several options to find one that suits you best.

The Vintage Allure

Vintage pendant lights are minimalist but daring. They can work in all living areas and work best when layered with recessed lighting. For efficient lighting, use them in rooms with a touch of natural lighting since they only illuminate downwards.

modern lighting

A Touch of Nature

Wicker/synthetic pendants are a big thing in modern lighting. If you fancy the bohemian vibe, they’ll prove a worthy addition to your living space. Other natural options you can try out are reeds, seagrass and all-natural wicker. Pendant lights made from sustainable materials are a step towards the green initiative, so why not?

Varying Cord Lengths

You can cluster three pendant lights and adjust their cords at different lengths for a raw but chic style. This creation works best over a kitchen counter or dining table. You can use more than three pendant lights as long as the number is odd for the best results.

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Why Are Oversized Pendants Becoming More Popular?

This trend is ideal for both minimalistic and sophisticated room designs. Additionally, you will be spoilt of choice with the many designs in the market today. You can use oversized pendant lights to upgrade different spaces like the kitchen, living room, bedroom, working area, etc. They work great with track lighting, which improves the function and creates an instant eye-catching effect.

The Modern Pendant vs Chandelier Faceoff

These two options go head-to-head in the stylish lighting game. Pendant lights ooze elegance and are all about versatility, while chandeliers are beauties that give ballroom ambience vibes. The ultimate choice is determined by the style and function you desire. Where you plan to use the lighting also plays a hand.

Why Choose Pendant Lighting?

  • Versatility – We all have different styles when it comes to designing our homes. That said, there is a wide range of pendant light designs, colors, materials and sizes, which allows you to best express your artsy vibe.
  • Energy-efficiency – The LED technology is integrated in most modern pendant lights, which helps you enjoy the ambient lighting while cutting on your energy bills. This means you won’t have to do constant replacements or a tasking maintenance routine. Comparatively, traditional lighting consumes way more energy.
  • Sense of balance – pendant lights effortlessly blend into other elements of your home design. You can choose to use the same pendant light design in different spaces or layer different ones. Either way, you will be able to achieve uniformity and a harmonious atmosphere throughout the living area.
  • Functionality – when it comes to lighting, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. Pendant lighting does the job by providing you with tasks and ambient lighting.


The practicality, versatility, and aesthetics of pendant lights make them worth investing in in the long run. That said, trimming your budget excessively might eventually cost you because cheap pendants are often low quality. Now, don’t get it wrong. There are many affordable options that are elegant and made from quality materials.

Pendant lights are indisputably timeless and will remain stylish in the foreseeable future. As long as you put some thought into your purchasing process, finding the perfect pendant light is a sure thing. Check out the LAS SOLA catalog for a wide variety of showstoppers.

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