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How to Protect Sliding Glass Doors from Burglars?

Whether you are securing a sliding glass door on the front, side, or back of your home, it is surprisingly easy. Furthermore, it will offer much-needed security to the house’s most vulnerable rooms. If you design your home well and make some small tweaks here and there, you can lock it up and leave it feeling secure. Here are some hacks to protect sliding glass doors from burglars.

How to Secure Sliding Glass Doors?

1. Ensure that the Locks and Latches are in Proper Working Condition

To ensure your sliding glass door hardware, locks or latches stay in perfect working order, it’s good practice to get them regularly checked. If any of the locks feel a little loose and you’re still under warranty, request a service from the company.

Some companies offer maintenance services to check latch alignment and ensure the anti-lift locking points are engaging fully.

2. Use Reliable and Heavy-duty Push Locks

In addition to a maintenance service, you can also increase the security of your sliding glass doors by installing sliding door locks or heavy-duty push locks at the top and bottom. Push locks are not an aesthetic problem but offer additional security.

They attach to the frame and shoot a bolt into the sliding door that can only be released by a key. If you need advice about how to protect a sliding glass door, contact experts at KN Crowder.

3. Attaching Shock or Vibration Sensors to your Sliding Doors

These small gadgets are indispensable, whether you incorporate them into a complete home security alarm system or buy them separately to fit them yourself. If you are wondering how to protect your home with smart security, then these devices are an important extra factor.

They are designed to alert you if someone is trying to break into your home. When someone tampers with your lock and bangs on the exposed barn door tracks, they sound an alert and/or send you a notification on your smartphone. Shock sensors are different from motion sensors.

While motion sensors will notify you if someone is already inside your home, shock sensors will catch them in the act of breaking in.

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4. Closing Blinds and Curtains at Night to Block the View

With large sliding glass doors, it is very easy for anyone standing outside to get a clear view of your home’s interior. Particularly during the night time when it’s dark outside and your lights are turned on. However, you need to learn the tricks to make it look like you’re home when you’re not.

Practice a habit of closing your curtains and blinds during the night time. This makes it difficult for potential burglars to sneak peek inside your home. You can also invest in a customized automated system that can shut your window protection at night.

This sort of automated system will work whether you’re away from home or not. You can also program it to display some light along with music playing in the background so that it appears that someone is at home even when they’re not.

5. Adding Laminated Glass Protection to your Sliding Glass Doors

Make sure you choose the right window type for you. As opposed to other materials like uPVC panels, toughened glass can be broken quickly and quietly by intruders, and it takes more time and effort to pry open a window or break a lock.

Using laminated glass has the advantage that it will not shatter or allow easy entry. Instead, it will break into larger pieces and stick together because of the lamination, making it nearly impossible for anyone to enter.

It’s simply a different specification of glass. You will need a professional service to replace the glass, but it’s a fairly straightforward job. This is a popular way of protecting sliding glass doors.

6. Installing a Security Bar

Installing a security bar that stops the sliding glass door from opening easily when you don’t want it to is a quick, secure way to stop it from sliding open. It only takes five minutes to install a security bar. It is a really simple way to prevent the door from sliding open. In addition to protecting you from break-ins, it makes your house safe when young children are around.

Closing Comments

Modern sliding doors look super trendy and elegant. They provide an uninterrupted view of the garden and act like a seamless extension of your home. They also fill our homes with ample natural sunlight. With the addition of security features, you can lock up your sliding doors and feel secure in your home. If you need any expert advice on how to secure sliding glass doors contact us today.

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