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How to Secure a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors have gained immense popularity amongst homeowners. Sliding doors are one of the most attractive options that amazingly modify the look of any house. But, like various other features, sliding glass doors also possess some risk factors.

When speaking about keeping invaders, thieves, and intruders away as well as keeping children inside the house, sliding glass barn doors are difficult to secure. They represent various safety problems. However, there are a couple of easy and applicable ways to secure these sliding doors without the need of sacrificing aesthetics.

The Right Steps To Secure Sliding Glass Door

Many homeowners increasingly prefer to install sliding glass barn doors while carrying out the beautification project of their house. A sliding glass door allows natural light to get in and makes an easy way out to the deck, backyard, or balcony. Higher quality sliding glass door hardware is vital to keep the door last longer. The only downside of this door option is the easy access the intruders get to enter inside the house.

Drawbacks of a Sliding Glass Door

Similar to various features a house has, sliding glass doors also possess a few drawbacks.

The Door Lock – Sliding glass doors are equipped with small latches hooked onto the metallic piece in the door-frame. These latches are easy to open. They often function by moving a small lever. However, these locks don’t maintain a higher level of security.

The Tracks – Sliding glass doors are installed with the help of tracks rather than hinges. This makes it easy for intruders and thieves to remove them and enter inside the house. With a crowbar, the door can be easily lifted off the track.

The Panels – The most required feature – the panels – also have a drawback. The big and single plates of tempered glass can break down easily. However, they don’t break into dangerously big and sharp pieces. They instead shatter into tiny pieces that usually don’t have sharp edges. This makes it easy for intruders to enter without getting hurt.

The Great View – As read before, sliding glass doors allow a lot of natural light in. Owing to the fact, people like to install them in their houses. This transparency allows people to see what is happening inside your house. However, it helps intruders review what exactly they should target.

Also, the sliding glass doors are often installed in the back or side of a house where the deck or patio is located. However, people cannot see them from the front side. To maintain privacy, people many times put fences or landscaping near the doors. This prevents helpful neighbors from spotting if someone is trying to enter.

There are several tips, tried and tested by professional sliding glass door installers, that can help you get rid of those drawbacks and keep your door more secure.

Install Quality Locks – There are several quality locks available in the market. You can buy security locks like the C-90L-CC Double Security Lock & Edge Pull Set. This type of lock offers a C-90L Lock & edge pull body with C-90C Cylinder Flush Pulls & two cylinders. This combination can give utter security.

Use Additional Mechanism – Door security bars incorporated with anti-lift lock could be an ideal option to prevent the sliding glass door from sliding open while being at a horizontal position. Besides, there are security locks available that can be fixed at the very top or bottom of the sliding door. These locks function with the help of pins that get into the upper or bottom frame of the sliding doors. This prevents the door from sliding. Even when the primary lock is breached, the double bolt locks will be more effective.

Get Benefit from One-Way Film – One-Way films ones applied to the glass sliding door allow you to view outside, but it won’t allow outsiders to peep into your house. For outsiders, it will appear to be a mirror finish. Put curtains to cover the area once it is dark since the one-way films are effective only during the daylight hours.

Prefer to use Laminated Glass – A specific type of PVB sheet is fitted between multiple pieces of glass. This is the laminated glass. If the glass breaks down, the PVB sheet will stay undamaged and the glass will not fall out of the frame. This adds extra security since the intruders will need additional tools to cut the film which is the only way to break the PVB sheet.

Opt for Professional Help – Safety and security are very crucial. So, it is good to take help from professional sliding glass door installers. Professionals will offer you the best sliding glass door installation service with quality hardware and security devices.

Final Opinion

Sliding glass doors add beauty to any house. They are the attractive additions that let natural light get in and add a fresh atmosphere. However, security is the only drawback they possess but it can be with ease maintained with quality sliding glass barn door hardware together with other good combinations of security measures and professional help.

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