How to Clean Cowboy Boots: 5 Important Steps

Did you know that cowboy boots are making a comeback? Are you ready to pick up some new boots and add some western flair? If so, you have to know how to clean cowboy boots so that they last a lifetime.

Learn more about the five steps to keep your boots clean.

1. Prepping Boots

When it comes to cleaning your boots, you’re going to want to do it more often if you are wearing them every day or in a lot of dirt and mud. This resource can offer you a simple checklist to follow. If you only wear them on special occasions, you don’t need to do as much work.

First, you’re going to want to prep for cleaning cowboy boots. You can do this in a couple of different ways. You should use a brush to get any loose dirt, mud, and other items.

You should grab a damp cloth. Make sure it is not dripping wet but that it will remove anything on the boot. If there are pieces of mud that will not come off, feel free to use an old toothbrush to help.

2. Cleaning

If you happen to have any scuffs (these are black marks that show up unexpectedly) on the top or sides of the boot, you can use a soft brush or even a dry erase whiteboard eraser.

In this step, you’re going to make sure the bottom of the boot isn’t too dirty as well. You can use another damp cloth to remove stuck items on the bottom.

3. Drying

If you used a cloth to clean the outside of your boots, you won’t need to do much more than dry them with a cloth. This will prepare them for the next step.

When it comes to soaking wet boots, there are a few added steps needed. For example, you want to remove the insole inside of the boot. This is going to help it to dry out faster. Keep in mind that this will take some time.

If you don’t have time to wait, you’re able to purchase a boot dyer. This is an item that plus into an outlet, and emits warm air. You simply slide the boot on top and it continues to dry.

4. Condition Boots

At this step, you’re going to be applying some leather conditioner. This is a protectant that helps to keep the boots water-resistant and looking nice.

Put a cloth or a sponge in a small amount of the conditioner. Start at the bottom of the boot and move up as you spread around the conditioner. A lot goes a little way.

Move your cloth in a circular motion to rub the conditioner into the leather of the boot. You want the boot to look and feel smooth. If you think that the boot still looks or feels dry, feel free to add more.

5. Polish

In this final step, you need to add the polish onto the boot. This will help it retain the conditioner you just added but give the boot an appealing look.

You should add the polish onto the boot just like you did the conditioner. You’ll know when your boot looks much better than when you picked it up.

How to Clean Cowboy Boots

If you have many different kinds of boots, be sure to know how to clean cowboy boots. These often need a little bit more attention and care. You’ll be happy to see your boots shining like brand new.

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