How Do Disney Vacation Club Points Work?

Ready to take that vacation to Disneyland or Disneyworld that you’ve been dreaming about? You have a lot of options for lodging. All over the world, Disney runs six resort campuses.

Disney resorts are without a doubt a premium experience run by the mouse himself. Not only do these resorts have classic Disney themes, but they are also the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. If you travel a lot to Disney’s theme parks, you have the opportunity to take advantage of Disney vacation club points.

What is the Disney Vacation Club, and what are its benefits? We will answer these questions and more in this all-inclusive guide.

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club is a timeshare program that gives you a tiny bit of stake in Disney real estate. Once you become a Disney Vacation Club member, you will get access to Disney Vacation Club benefits. This allows you to get free lodging at any of the six unique campuses worldwide.

It’s important to understand that you are not just getting access to the campuses. You get access to any of the resorts within. Each campus has about half a dozen resorts on average.

Granted, becoming a member is not cheap. The average family can expect to spend around $35,000 for their membership. Although this is a long-term benefit, there are still annual upkeep fees that cost thousands of dollars.

What Is the Benefit?

Why would somebody bother spending so much money? Spending $35,000–fees aside–is enough money to make the down payment on a very nice home.

Keep in mind, though, that these are Disney-class resorts. No expense is being spared here. Every resort, even the “budget” ones, is a cut above any comparable hotel in the area.

In the long run, you might actually save money by becoming a vacation club member. A lifetime of Disney vacations might cost you several thousand dollars more when comparing apples to apples. That is, of course, if you vacation every year or multiple times per year to a Disney theme park.

Should You Become a Member?

Your decision to become a member or not is pretty simple. You will likely benefit from this membership if:

  • You visit Disney parks every year–or multiple times per year
  • You have done so for many years
  • You plan to continue doing so for many years

Pretty simple, right? This means you shouldn’t become a member if:

  • You can only occasionally visit Disney parks
  • You have visited them on and off over the past few years
  • You don’t plan to change your vacationing habits

The value proposition is worth it if and only if you are a Disney-exclusive vacationer. Anyone else simply will not find the value in joining the vacation club.

How Do You Become a Member?

The DVC buying process is a lot like purchasing a timeshare. You can either buy it directly from Disney, or from somebody who is selling one. There are marketplaces where people with used timeshares want to get rid of theirs, so they sell them for a discount.

It’s important to understand that this is a long-term commitment. You will be signing a contract that obligates you to pay your yearly dues–even if you don’t use your points. The only way to escape this obligation is to sell the timeshare to somebody else.

How Do Disney Vacation Club Points Work?

Each year, your Disney Vacation Club membership entitles you to approximately 175 points. Feel free to spend these points as you please. The only thing that matters is that you reserve things far in advance–otherwise, other club members will edge you out.

Think of the points as money. The more luxurious resorts are more expensive and therefore require more money–i.e. points. The cheapest resorts require the least amount of points.

Points Value

Larger accommodations require more points. Two travelers with no kids only need smaller accommodations–and spend fewer points. If you rent with a large group of extended family, you may likely use all your points in a single booking.

Of course, the value of these rooms changes from month to month, year to year. In exceptionally busy months or years, point prices go up. If you don’t mind going off-peak, such as in spring or autumn, you can get resorts for cheaper prices.

Booking Single or Multiple Trips

The biggest question you’ll have to ask yourself is how often you will vacation. Most people vacation once per year to a single Disney resort. They spend all of their points on this trip for a large or luxurious lodging.

This allows you to experience the best Disney has to offer. Depending on the size of your group, you could have one of Disney’s premium suites all to yourself for a week or more.

However, some people prefer quantity over quality. You can divvy up your points by making two or three smaller trips throughout the year. This allows you to go to Disneyland more frequently, at the expense of resort luxury.

Home Resort

Although you can go to any resort you please, you have a home resort. This is the resort featured on your contract. When you go here, you get all of the best perks.

Most importantly, you can book at your home resort before anyone else. Disney allows you to book in advance at your home resort by 11 months. For all other resorts, the earliest you can book is seven months ahead of your visit date.

Become a Disney Vacation Club Member Today

Disney vacation membership entitles you to a Disney resort every year for the duration of your timeshare. All things considered, it’s a great way to save money if you are a Disney-obsessed traveler. Before you become a member, understand how Disney Vacation Club points work and how to book vacations.

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