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Why You Should Never Install Solar Panels Yourself

You may have always dreamed of going “off the grid” and having a home powered by renewable energy. But before you start thinking about DIY home solar panel installations, think again.

Your best bet is to hire a professional installer. They will come into your home and take care of everything needed to create a safe and efficient energy system. Installing solar panels yourself can lead to costly mistakes.

Keep reading to learn why you should leave the installation of your brand-new solar panels to the professionals.

The Safety Risks of DIY Solar Panel Installation

Installing your solar panels is not a task to be taken lightly. Not only can the process be complex, but there are serious safety considerations to take into account.

Electric Shock or Electrocution

Do-it-yourself solar panel installation carries the risk of electric shock or electrocution. This means excessively high voltage or current coming into contact with a person’s body. Electric shock or electrocution should be avoided if possible because it can cause the following:

  • muscle spasms
  • cardiac arrest
  • death

Fire Hazard

Installing solar panels yourself comes with an inherent fire hazard. Even the slightest mistake could lead to an electrical fire.

First, the wiring must be installed correctly. All the connections and materials must be rated to handle the type and volume of electrical current used with solar panels.

If any of the connections suffer from a short circuit or other faults, the resulting electrical fire could spread quickly. This can cause significant damage to your home and even endanger lives.

Serious Health Risks and Physical Injury

During installation, you will be working with hazardous materials such as:

  • glass
  • adhesives
  • other combustible chemicals.

Improper handling can result in burns or other serious injuries. Working on roofs or at a height can increase the risk of falls. Workers can be injured by the strain of heavy lifting and manipulation of panels.

Given the risks, consumers should cautiously consider the potential hazards and dangers. Even those with basic electrical knowledge should not attempt to install solar panels on their own. The risks are simply too great.

It will help to consult qualified professionals to help with the required installation. Professional installers are knowledgeable, efficient, and insured.

With their specialized equipment and knowledge, they can ensure that the installation is safely done. Providing you with a cost-effective and worry-free installation every time.

The Financial Consequences of a Self-Installed Solar System

Installing solar panels yourself seem like an attractive idea for reducing installation costs. But, there can be significant financial consequences.

Depending on your local jurisdiction and permitting requirements, you may be liable for a hefty fine on the following:

  • permit
  • inspection
  • certification fees

This usually happens if you don’t hire a licensed professional to do the job, not to mention any mistakes made during installation.

With the lack of warranty coverage and certifications, the value and sale ability of your home may be diminished. Furthermore, you may be left in the dark if any problems develop with solar panel performance. This may lead to costly repairs or replacements.

It is best to guarantee optimal performance and to protect yourself financially. Don’t install solar panels yourself but seek the services of a professional.

The Risk of Property Damage

When installing solar panels yourself, there is always a chance of property damage caused by inexperience. From small things to large issues, a wrong step can result in some costly repair bills.

A mistake such as dropping a panel while putting it on the roof could cause it to break and will need replacement. Or when drilling holes for railings, if you use the wrong type of drill it can cause water damage.

Even if the solar panels are properly installed, there is still always a risk of damage due to weather or other external factors. Proper monitoring and maintenance should be done. This will ensure the solar panels are functioning correctly and cut any risk of property damage.

The Terror of Technical Troubleshooting

Solar panels are a popular home renewable energy option, but they can be quite complex to install. It is not advised that you attempt to install solar panels yourself unless you have specific expertise in the field of renewable energy or electrical engineering.

Doing so can create several issues that could be irreversible, such as the improper interpretation of your home’s wiring diagrams. Or the potential dangerous exposure to high-voltage electricity.

If a problem occurs, that can lead to costly troubleshooting visits from technicians to locate the problem. A full replacement of the system may be necessary at your expense.

If solar panels are a viable energy source for you, it is recommended to consult with a professional. They can properly and safely install and maintain your solar panel system. This ensures that the job is done right and fulfills local safety requirements.

You’ll Miss Out on the Benefits of Professional Installation

The benefits of professional solar panel installations are diverse and far-reaching. It can allow you to take full advantage of the many benefits that come with renewable energy systems.

Increased Safety

Professional installers have experience in maintaining the highest standards of safety. From the routing and securing of wiring to the mounting of the solar panels, as well as the proper installation of other required electrical accessories.

They have the necessary training, skill, and insurance to follow local building codes. With a professional installation, you can assure that your system is safe, secure, and up to code.

Significant Energy Savings and Efficiency

Professional solar panel installation ensures the right system configuration, as well as the best location to maximize the amount of energy produced by the solar system.

With a professional installation, the system efficiency will be higher. This allows for a higher yield of electricity from the same amount of solar panels.

Additionally, the installation services will include detailed monitoring and reporting. This provides feedback on the performance of the system. This enables a more accurate assessment of production and energy savings benefits than a DIY install.

Improved Reliability

Professionals take into consideration the site’s natural environment and local utility regulations. They also understand how to optimize the system for the best performance. They ensure that the panels can work through harsh weather conditions.

Proper installation of solar panel systems results in improved reliability. This helps ensure that your solar power system runs at peak efficiency for years to come.

Comprehensive Warranties

One of the many benefits of professional installation is the comprehensive warranties provided. These warranties ensure correct solar panels. Any malfunctions or defects are covered by the company.

This helps increase customer satisfaction. It also gives customers peace of mind, as they know that they will not have to worry about any unforeseen issues arising in the future.

Government Financial Incentives and Rebates

Solar energy services understand many government requirements necessary to justify various financial incentives and rebates. They have detailed information about local and federal laws. They understand the details of each state’s incentives, such as:

  • tax credits
  • rebates
  • grants
  • other financial saving opportunities

With this, you can make wise decisions about where to get the most out of your state’s energy-saving incentives.

Moreover, they can provide insight into different energy plans and their costs. You can compare these with Champion Energy rates to get a clearer picture of your potential savings and the best energy plan for your situation.

Companies can also help you determine whether you may qualify for more funding, grants, or tax credits. In the long run, they can save you time, money, and frustration.

The knowledgeable professionals will do everything from initial assessments. This is to ensure your property is properly outfitted for solar panels. With this, they can research possible financing and subsidy programs that you may qualify for.

High-Quality Materials

Professional solar panel installation includes the use of high-quality materials and equipment. Installers have the expertise to handle complex electrical and mechanical systems. They are trained to use the best materials for a specific job.

These materials are made to withstand various environmental conditions. It can provide the most efficiency for solar panel performance.

They use the highest quality connections and cables as well as other components such as:

  • high-efficiency inverters
  • racking systems
  • solar panels
  • mounting hardware

This will guarantee a reliable and safe installation. High-quality materials and equipment increase the generation and savings of electricity. This will also ensure the long-term durability and sustainability of the system.

Hire a Professional to Install Solar Panels Today

Installation of solar panels should always be handled professionally to ensure you get the most out of your solar system. Attempting a DIY solar installation can put your roof and home at risk and can lead to performance issues.

Save yourself the stress and risk – hire a certified solar panel installer. Go green and make the right choice today and contact a solar installation expert to install your system safely and correctly.

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