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Download ShowBox App– In this blog, we explain how to download and install the ShowBox app on your Android device so you can check out this streaming media app.


Showbox is a word that has taken the internet by storm and everyone is talking about this amazing app and its incredible features. For any person who enjoys TV shows and movies, Showbox App is a game changer in entertainment and will enhance millions of viewers’ experience. Any person with a phone, tablet or PC needs to know about this app which they can download at no cost and allows them to view and download movies at no cost, whether day or night with no restrictions! With great internet connection, you can remain glued to your screen and enjoy tons and tons of movies at your fingertips just after Showbox Download To Your Phone

So, what is Showbox APK?

  • Showbox App is an Android based app designed to be used on phones, tablets and now, it has been adapted for use on PC’s. It is available on OS platforms like iOS and Microsoft.
  • It is available at no cost whatsoever; there is no cost to Download Showbox App and once you do, you do not have to register, pay any subscription or monthly fees, it is truly free of charge
  • You enjoy high quality entertainment at the touch of a button, whether you are using your phone, table or PC, all movies are on HD and available for you to enjoy quality entertainment.

How to Download and Install ShowBox App on Android

Showbox for Android: Showbox becomes one of the most popular applications over the internet for video streaming. This application provides you many videos like movies, TV shows, movie trailers etc free without any subscription. And you can also able to download your favorite Movies and TV Shows and much more with Showbox app. Yes, you can download any movie, TV shows, trailer, and also get trending news of movies and TV shows with this application. You can also get other news like the release date of upcoming etc. Also, see Super Mario run apk

Note: Show box is officially not available at play store, but you can download this application latest updates from here. So go below for download Showbox app with latest updated version and enjoy the video and audio streaming.

Download ShowBox APP for Android

It is quite easy to ShowBox APP Download and it only takes you a few moments. Here are the steps below;

  • On your phone, go to phone settings. Select security. Select the option for unknown sources and enable it. If your phone doesn’t follow this exact procedure, go to settings, search for unknown sources in other sections and be sure to enable it.
  • Next, go to the Showbox APK website for Showbox download. Once it complete, go to the file location on your phone, selection Showbox apk.
  • A message will come on your screen, asking for permission to proceed. Select yes, click on the next icon and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Select INSTALL and the installation process will start. Wait for it to finish.
  • Once completed, an OPEN icon will come on your screen, select it and you can start the app to immediately start watching movies. It will take a few moments to load the interface.
  • However, if you want to watch a movie or show later, select DONE to close the app.

How to install Showbox app on Android device.

This file is 100% virus free so you can download this file without any fear of virus and run on your Android device easily.

To run this app file on your Windows or Mac PC use Blue Stack Emulator or Manymo Emulator.
Showbox app can be accessed on PC with the help of chrome remote access screen.

Note: The New update has music stream feature but right it only available in beta version only.

Follow the guidance to run this app on your Android device.

  • Download the latest update from above link.
  • Make sure that Unknown Source is enabled on your device. For that go to setting => security.
  • Install the apk file on your Android device.
  • Ready to use the app within a minute.
  • Now open the application.
  • And enjoy the free audio and video streaming.

You don’t need to scan this file its 100% virus free. And apk file takes few seconds in installing because its size is light.

Features of ShowBox App

  • Easy to download because of light size.
  • Free to access its all the features.
  • Get updates on movies and TV shows daily and weekly.
  • You can also stream your movie and TV shows video on chrome cast.
  • You can also able to add your favorite videos to watch later library for watch them later.
  • With this update, you can also able to stream audio.
  • You can watch your video with MX player or you can use your external music player as per your choice.
  • Using rating, genre, year and type you can filter your video.
  • Its provide subtitle below your video to increase your video experience.
  • And these version old bugs are solved.
  • No fees at all required. You do not need to register either, you can directly Showbox Download it and you don’t have to worry about monthly subscription charges. This ensures that you can enjoy all types of movies and shows from the comfort of your home or on the go without worrying about making regular payments.
  • Quick and easy to download. The steps involved in Download Showbox APK App are quite direct and it is a one off process which need not be repeated in future.
  • Can access over 10,000 movies and TV shows all on your mobile phone, tablet or PC and this database is constantly updated to ensure you are kept up to date on the latest in entertainment.
  • Has a great interface, has great visuals and is superbly designed making it easy for users to navigate.
  • It allows you to select which criteria to select movies or shows, whether from the latest to the oldest or by genre to allow for easy access.
  • There is a search bar which enables you to easily search for any movie or show of your choice
  • Streaming is made easy especially with fast internet connection. You can stream a movie and enjoy it in real time.
  • Has an option for you to download movies for viewing later in event of low internet connectivity

Things that required in your device to Run Showbox App

  • Android v4.0 or above.
  • Need internal memory as per your requirement of video size that you want to download.
  • 4.5 inch or HD screen with good resolution.
  • An internet connection with good speed to play 1080p video without buffering interruption.
  • Capable or good video player to enjoy the streaming in high quality.

This application is also available for IOS devices and also you can run this application on your Windows PC or MAC PC using an emulator. You can also able to use Showbox application on your PC without downloading it. For that, you need a paid emulator such as ManyMo. If you are ready and excited to download and use Showbox app then click the download button to start your download and enjoy your video streaming with Show box and also share your user experience with us.

If you are facing a problem in installing Showbox app then read the below give guidance to install the application on your Android device. Also check doodle army mini militia pro game.

Also read: How to Download ShowBox App for iPhone and iPad Devices

ShowBox Download On Windows PC

One of the things to remember when downloading any Android app on Windows is that you need to download an android emulator to run and use any Android based app. One option which is available today and is one of the best emulators is Bluestacks.

  • First, have to download Bluestacks. Follow all the instructions until the download process is complete.
  • Upon completion, go to the app official website for Showbox Download File
  • Select the option to Download Showbox APK
  • When using a PC, go to file manager, select the APK file. Select the option to open it from your android emulator or device.
  • Once the process of Download Showbox APK For Windows is done, right click the file. Look for an option which states open with Bluestacks and select that option.
  • Let the device initiate, this might take a few minutes.
  • Once completed, open the Showbox app and you can search for any movie or TV show.

One important reminder is that the app is not available on Google play store. The only way to Download Showbox is by visiting its official website and select Download APK for you to download the app on your phone or device.


There are many wrong things on some user mind and ask questions to us about Showbox apk 2020 that are really incorrect. So here we below list some FAQS of Showbox App so, read the given FAQS to solve your wrong queries.

  1. If you are new to this application and you think that How do I get the latest update of Showbox app? If you want to get the latest update of the app then you get it from this site. So stay with us to get the latest update of the application.
  2. If you are using Emulator in your PC then you may face a problem in installing Showbox app. It will display an error message “Installation Failed for This Apk“. It’s not a big problem as you think so whenever you get this type of message on your screen then just reinstall your emulator on your device and then install the Showbox app on your PC.
  3. How can I remove ads from Showbox app? If you are trying to remove ads from the application then it also possible. But we recomnded you to please do these because you can get latest update message of entertainment video on your screen. So don’t try to remove the ads from the application to get the latest update.
  4. Why the size of the application increase rapidly? If you want to access the application with less size then use the old version of the Showbox application, because it is not updated file. But if you are using old version then you can experience high-quality streaming. The size of the application is big because to increase the user experience. We also update the application in sometimes to increase the user experience and also try to solve the old bug of application. So if you want to run the application then you need some memory on your device for uses the latest updated Showbox application.
  5. If you are facing any problem in downloading the Showbox app then drop your comment here. We will give you some another way to get the Showbox app. And if you want the old version of Showbox app then also comment below we give you apk file for any version.
  6. If you are facing any problem in uninstalling the Showbox application. Then you need to give privileges for that from the app configuration menu. You can do this from setting => co (configuration manager). If you don’t want to uninstall the Showbox app then disable this option for protecting your data from losing.
  7. If you are already using the Showbox application then you get update message on your screen much time. But if you update the apk from there then it will create a problem for you, so we recommended you that if you want to get the latest updated Showbox app then get it from above download link.
  8. Which resources or permission is a need to Showbox app in your device.

Here we list you some things that can be accessed by Showbox app and also explain to you why it needs this privilege in your device.

  • Device Location: It helps the app to access your location and stream your video in a better way and increase your user experience.
  • SD-Card access: This helps the app in downloading your video on your device and also use during video buffering. It will use your memory during buffering for a store it temporary.
  • Read your phone status and access your id: It will help the application to maintain your account setting, bookmarks, and previously watch the video to start it resume later.
  • Access Device Network: As we know Showbox application need the internet to stream your video. So it requires high-speed network for it.
  • Keep device screen on: It will keep your device screen on while you are stream video so you can enjoy the streaming.


ShowBox is enhancing our entertainment options, making how we watch movies and TV shows more accessible and more convenient. We can now enjoy quality shows on our phones, tablets and PCs at no cost!

Finally, if you are facing any type of problem or if you have any query then drop your comment here. And also give your feedback to us, Support us by sharing your user experience of Showbox App with us.

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