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What Coronavirus Safety Instructions Buyers Should Practice

There are certain circumstances in which people have to go out for important jobs even during a lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The governments around have advised their citizens to stay inside but sometimes individuals have to go for things that are unavoidable.

Coronavirus safety instructions for buyers

Although the whole process of buying a house can be done after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic; but on occasions it is really essential that you complete the procedure of buying the house; whether is through a normal buying scheme or rent to own properties. You can follow the instructions mentioned below to be safe even when going outside.

Stay home always stay safe

The safest practice is to stay at home and bypass the lockdown calmly. The purchase of the house is something that can be managed and the process can be finished after the lifting of the self-isolation period. As on one will either buy or sell the house because of social distancing practice.

Use the online search option

The listing of houses on online websites has each and every detail that is necessary to check. Whatever property you want to search; you don’t have to stand up, go out and search for the whole city. You can sit in the comforts of your home, grab a laptop, computer or any other mobile device and search.

Avail the video link technology

As buyers and sellers can’t meet in person; there is a way that both can have conversations and discussions. The best way to do it is to have video calls and connect through video links. Both the parties can use various apps on which they call and also share pictures and info with each other.

Always check for the Coronavirus status

If going out for the purpose of buying a house is necessary then there are certain things that you have to check first. This includes the COVID-19 status; the ratio of registered cases, recovered patient number and also unfortunately the deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.

Wearing a mask when visiting a house

It is an unofficial law ordered by the governments that people should wear either surgical or other kinds of protective masks when they are going out. This is especially critical to follow when going to a house. As you don’t know whether the virus has affected the house or not.

Keep hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes handy

Experts all across the world are suggesting that everyone should have sanitizers and alcohol wipes in their bags so that they can use it when soap and water are not available. As this Coronavirus is a global threat; all businesses and property websites like Stop Renting Perth are uploading materials to help visitors protect themselves.

Be clothed in gloves

If touching various things a house is inevitable then you should definitely wear gloves. There are gloves like surgical ones or plastic ones that are of good quality. If there are no gloves available then you can use supply bags to cover the hands.

Avoid handshake and hugging

The Coronavirus can spread from one person to the other by a simple handshake. So it is best that people should avoid handshaking and hugging. If the need to meet someone is really crucial then a good distance of 6 feet must be maintained.

Open doors and gates with feet or elbow if necessary

You should bypass using your hands to open doors and gates as the COVID-19 can stay on surfaces for hours. You can use tissue and cloth to open doors or the elbows and feet are the best way to open the gate of houses.

Don’t give your phone to others

The phone is the main source of expansion of the COVID-19 because any person with the virus touches the phone; it will become contaminated. Then the other individual uses it can be infected with the virus. So never give the phone to someone else.

Washing hands after coming back

As discussed in the above points that people should use hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes to clean their hands when outdoors. But that doesn’t mean to wash your hands after coming back. Wash your hands at least for 20 seconds with soap and running water.

Say no to cash

Avoid making any kinds of transactions that involve paper money. This is also a source of the increase in the Coronavirus after the mobile phone. Today there is an easy way by transferring money online to account of the seller. When you have finalized the deal; make online transactions to transfer the amount.

Ask about thorough cleaning and disinfection of the house

You can’t shift into the house when there is still lockdown. But when the situation is different and the lockdown is lifted; you can move into the house. But make sure that the house is clean, disinfected and sanitized.

Consider rent to own properties

If you want a better option then go for rent to own properties; as you can live in the house, pay the rent as instalments and finally when you decide to buy the house pay the closing amount and make the final deal. In this way you don’t have to go anywhere to search the house during Coronavirus pandemic.

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