Is Your Car Mechanic Cheating You?

If you own a car you will agree to the fact that a trip to a local auto repair shop is unavoidable. It’s easy to manage a few simple things, but if you are one of the car owners who don’t know the basics about the car mechanism, the car dealers or other auto repair shops may take it as a great chance to prey on you in various possible ways. However, it is vital to understand what are all the ways mechanics can overcharge for repairs or parts your car doesn’t even need.

5 Lies That Indicate Your Mechanic Is Cheating You

At some point in your life, you will need to take your car to a car repair service to fix some car-related issues or to get some work as a regular oil change done. Many generous car mechanics will offer you the best service. But unfortunately, many repair shops can take advantage of your insufficient car knowledge.

Auto mechanics are notorious for lying to earn the extra bucks for things that don’t need to be charged extra. This can lead to overbilling. However, there are a couple of common lies that auto mechanics usually tell to their customers.

You should follow scheduled servicing

This is the most commonly said lie most mechanics tell their customers. The reason is obvious, money. If your mechanic is suggesting you to drive your car to the shop regularly, the team is simply trapping you. Indeed, they will get money every time you visit the shop even if there isn’t any such work that needs to be done at a mechanic’s shop.

Your car has already run for too many miles

Up to a certain degree, this is true. The more miles your car covers, the more chances are there to break down. However, if an auto mechanic tells you that your car has hit the maximum miles, then maybe they are trying to get extra bucks from you. A car can run smoothly up to a certain mileage more even after exceeding the maximum mileage capacity. Might be there is an issue in your car, but if things happen again and again, then it is a clear sign of the mechanic trying to bill you extra charges.

Your car needs a tune-up

This is another way to make customers paying extra money to repair small issues that aren’t needed. A car can perform smoothly even with a few minor changes. There isn’t any need to change your spark plugs after every for example 20,000 miles. You can continue using it until you experience any major issue that needs to be taken to an experienced mechanic. Tuning up the car is not needed unless your car is incredibly old. In such a case, replacing your old car with a new one could be cheaper in the long run.

You Should Use Synthetic Oil

A periodic car oil change is a must. Even though some so-called experienced mechanics claim to use synthetic oil, be noted that it is not necessary. The suggestion is just another way of trying to earn a little bit of more bucks. Many car owners don’t know the difference between the types of oils used in a car. Synthetic oil is the most expensively sold oil. So, do proper research and make the right decision when it comes to oil changing.

Your car brakes are bad

This is one of the best areas where auto experts make the best use of their knowledge. Saying that the car brakes are bad they make customers anxious. After all, breaks are the most important mechanism out of all other elements a car has. They are a matter of safety. If someone tells you that your brakes are faulty or broken, you will panic and will want to get the issue resolved immediately. However, at an auto repair shop, most of them will encourage you to replace your brakes, even though a simple cleaning can fix the issue. They know, you are worried, so you will instantly pay more than needed.

What you should do

Preferably, drive your car to a reputable auto mechanic in Toronto recommended by some of your known ones. If you don’t know much about cars, have someone who is more experienced in cars with you to the repair shop. Listen to what the mechanic has to say about your car’s condition. If your auto-savvy companion approves the to do mechanical services, go ahead. If this option doesn’t work, take your car to a local, or a family-owned shop, or a big chain. Try to find out who is extra-billing and over fixing. Once you find the right mechanic, stay loyal to the person. Building a stronger relationship with the mechanic will allow you to learn more about cars without having the anxiety about getting cheated.

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