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Top Tips to Consider Before Selling Your Home

Selling and buying property is a complicated process, but usually the signifier of a new beginning or the end of an era. Whatever the reason for selling your home, there’s plenty of things to keep in mind before, during and even after the sale.

Selling your home will be emotional

Whether you’re selling a family home that you’ve lived in for many years, or you’re upgrading from a smaller property to a larger one, or you’re helping your parents sell their family home it will be an emotional time.

Keep this in mind as you make decisions and have conversations because emotions can cloud judgement and make a difficult process even harder.

There are plenty of reasons for selling your home

There’s no right or wrong reason to sell a home – often things don’t turn out the way we’d planned and we have to sell unexpectedly. Or you might find yourself in the perfect situation, with the selling of your home coming just as you expected it.

Selling your home might be the start of something new and exciting, like a larger home or a move interstate. There might be more difficult reasons for the sale of your home, but things generally always have a way of working out.

There might never be the perfect time for selling your home

Trying to predict the market is a fool’s game. You can get very lucky in real estate or you can wait that little bit longer, to try and get that little bit more money and suddenly the market drops, or another house comes on the market around the corner and takes away all of your buyers.

Set a price that you are happy to sell for and stick to that, don’t get greedy and don’t settle. And don’t try and predict the market.

Find an expert to help in selling your home

While it’s easy to understand the basics of buying and selling your home there’s plenty of complicated processes that go on behind the scenes with banks, lawyers, and buyers. In the process of selling your home, one of the first things you should do is enlist the help of an expert; getting professional help and advice from the right agent is crucial.

Finding the right real estate agent when selling your home, starts with finding someone experienced in the local area. You want to find someone who has a proven track record of great sales in and around your suburb, so they can repeat those results with your home. A local real estate agent will understand the market and prospective buyers.

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