Commercial Garage Doors vs. Residential Garage Doors

Industrial garage doors and residential garage doors play the same primary function—leaving people and automobiles in and out of their garages. So, how all openers are different from each other?

Understanding The Differences

One clear distinction between commercial garage doors and residential garage doors is where they are used—in commercial and industrial applications or in homes. However, the discrepancies extend further than that in the doors’ design, construction, and aesthetic and functional nature.

  1. Appearance: One of the main distinctions between commercial and residential garage doors is that residential doors appear to be more eye-catching than commercial doors. This is because many homeowners seem to want a garage door that is aesthetically pleasing, whereas commercial or industrial building owners are more functionally oriented. This is because the door to a residential garage appears to have greater efficiencies.
  2. Height and weight: One of the most noticeable differences is that commercial doors appear to be much wider than residential doors. Residential doors tend to have a regular height of 7 feet and vary between 8 and 9 feet in width. Although these are standard sizes, homeowners with RVs, vessels, etc., may particular order a garage door that can be as high as 12 feet tall.
  3. Material: Homeowners can buy a garage door in a variety of materials—wood, steel, fiberglass, etc. The determining factor for what type of material is best suited would depend on the homeowner’s personal choice and budget. Wood doors provide a stronger brake appeal, whereas steel doors are long-lasting. On the other side, commercial doors are mostly made of aluminum or galvanized steel.
  4. Opening capacity: Residential doors are designed to be opened only a few times a day, while commercial doors are designed to be opened and closed many times a day. As a result, the door opener for the residential garage would last to be opened and closed just a few times a day. In contrast, a commercial door opener is designed to open and close a door many times a day.
  5. Value: The expense is another big difference between residential and commercial garage doors. Commercial doors cost considerably more to be installed and repaired than residential doors because they are built for commercial protection and are therefore larger in size. Since commercial doors are more costly, they are seldom used in residential applications.

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