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Best Netflix Alternative

While Netflix is the leading online streaming service, you may want to consider more practical and economical options that will meet your budget and needs.

In fact, there are other excellent video streaming services that might be a perfect fit for you.

As you may know, Netflix is quite remarkable if you have a specific TV show in mind. However, you may be out of luck if you look for a wider selection of films and current TV episodes.

With this in mind, you are certainly better off with the following streaming options available.

Top 3 Best Netflix Alternative

Any home theater should give you an easy access to unlimited content of videos and TV shows that you would want to watch all day long.

Although Netflix is certainly a familiar name in the online streaming arena, there are other options you can find such as VUDU, Hulu Plus and Amazon.

These services offer competitive rates and compelling features, and now all you need to do is to choose the best one that matches your preferences and budget.


Several months ago, Wal-Mart bought Vudu.com, and the latter is currently offers about 20,000 titles that you can view on a number of devices with internet access.

For instance, you can stream and watch videos from your PC, TV, Blu-Ray disc players, and even your PS3.

The company also claims that it offers movie titles the same day these are available on DVD, and this is a great feature for movie buffs who want to stay updated in the latest films.

Benefits of Vudu:

  • The cost for streaming movies is quite cheap, which is between $1 and $6.
  • Vudu offers thousands of film titles and new releases, including an entire season of TV shows that you can stream for a reasonable price per episode.
  • The online streaming service works perfectly on various devices such as PS3, Boxee Box, Xbox, iPad, TV, and Blu-Ray player.


Vudu offers a massive selection of streaming videos, but you will have to pick the movies you want – one by one. You may rent a movie of your choice for $1 to $5.99, or you may purchase it for a minimum price of $4.99. However, Vudu does not offer subscriptions, so its service may be quite similar to iTunes by Apple.

Why Choose Vudu

You should definitely go for Vudu if you want to select new releases to stream. Moreover, you may rent several non-new releases for at least $2 for two nights. It may not be an excellent choice if you want to watch a number of TV shows, but it is a great pick if you have a specific episode in mind.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime streaming service has recently announced access to the latest CBS library and NBC videos, which entitles you to watch over 9000 videos upon subscription.

The service fee is quite reasonable, which is only $79 a year for an unlimited access to numerous movies and shows.

Benefits of Amazon Prime:

  • At $79.99 annually, you can start streaming thousands of TV shows and movies that you want or rent other titles a la carte.
  • You can rent individual films at affordable rates such as $1 – $4 for SD films or $2 – $5 for HD ones.
  • Amazon Prime works excellently on your Xbox, Roku, TV, and Kindle Fire.

Amazon Prime prices:

United States — $12.99/mo or $119/year
Canada — CDN$7.99/mo or CDN$79/year
United Kingdom — £7.99/mo or £79/year
India — Rs.129/mo or Rs.999/year
Australia — AU$6.99/mo or AU$59/year
Europe — Varies by country

Amazon Prime Video standalone cost:

United States — $8.99/mo or $108/year
United Kingdom — £5.99/mo

Amazon Channels cost (US):

HBO — $14.99/mo
Showtime — $10.99/mo
Cinemax — $9.99/mo
Stars — $8.99/mo
Britbox — $6.99/mo
CBS All Access — $5.99/mo
Boomerang — $4.99/m0
Shudder — $4.99/m0
MLB.TV — $24.99/mo
PGA Tour Live — $9.99/mo


Although Amazon has a wide selection of free TV shows and movies, the options may be quite smaller as compared to what Netflix offers. Furthermore, you may need to pay in order to rent other films. You may also notice that the quality of videos is less-than-perfect as the ones from Netflix.

Why Choose Amazon Prime

With the outstanding features and benefits, Amazon Prime is certainly a great choice for those wish to rent quality films and TV shows at cheaper rates and top quality.

3. Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is Hulu’s subscription membership service. The subscription grants you access to current hit TV shows as well as acclaimed movies but limited commercials are still a part of the service. The service costs $7.99 a month. (Same as the lowest Netflix monthly membership.)

With a wealth of TV episodes including full series and seasons, Hulu Plus streaming service is a great option among TV fans because it is free of charge.

In addition, it offers a larger catalog of content such as videos and TV shows at a higher resolution, which is at 720p format.

Benefits of Hulu Plus:

  • The cost of online video streaming services is quite reasonable, which is at $7.99 monthly.
  • You can select from a ton of the latest TV series because it is owned by several networks.
  • It is hassle-free to watch current TV episodes, and some are available with only a delay of a few days.
  • Those who like classic films can check out the Criterion Collection, which offers a fabulous selection of foreign, domestic, and other movie genres.
  • Hulu is available on smartphones, gaming consoles, computers, web-connected Blu-Ray players, smart TVs and tablets.


The selection of movie titles from Hulu is quite slim, although the service is an outstanding choice for TV fans out there. Moreover, Hulu is great for anyone who likes classic movies because it comes with the Criterion Collection that you cannot find in Netflix (unless you have a DVD subscription).

Why Choose Hulu Plus

The quality of videos is quite impressive, and you can select from a wide range of film titles and TV episodes that you want. You can also access Hulu Plus from a number of devices, so it is easy to watch your favorite shows whenever and wherever.

The Verdict: So Which One Should You Choose?

Just a few years back, the only option you have when you want to watch your favorite TV shows or movies is to head off to the nearest video rental store. However, the fees may not be quite worth it, and you may even be subject to penalties when you return the discs later than the due date.

Fortunately, you can now choose from several online streaming services with competitive prices. With these services, your favorite TV shows and movies are only just a click away. You may also avail of free trials offered by these sites, so there is no need to sign up and pay anything. Simply check out the benefits, limitations and features of these services that may be a perfect fit to your budget and needs. I’m so glad I found this site and I count it as one of the best Netflix alternatives out there!

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