Business Leadership

Business Leadership is as important as the business.

A leader is to a business what a teacher is to a student, a map is to a navigator, a referee is to a match, and a father is to children.

Leaders define challenging goals and lead the business towards achieving them by taking timely decisions and inspiring others to outperform the competition. They are the strong pillars of an organization.

Why is Business leadership important?

 Leaders give directions for an organization and its people.

Business leaders ensure that all employees and stakeholders understand the company’s vision. They motivate their employees to work for a common cause.

Business Leaders set benchmarks and train their employees to outperform their competitors. They create the company culture and share policies and practices.

 The top management acts as the link between all the functions in an organization. They ensure that all the departments work in sync.

Shady Elhami is an entrepreneur and executive from Montreal, Canada who owns and operates multiple businesses.

Business leadership qualities

Confident: Business leaders are sure about their ideas and vision. They are assertive in communication and succeed in convincing their shareholders because of their grit.

 Emotionally intelligent: Business leaders know how to use their hearts and mind in sync. They don’t make impulsive decisions. They are focused yet flexible and adaptable to the changing scenarios. They listen to their employees and customers and communicate to solve their queries and concerns.

Passionate: Business leaders love what they do. They become leaders because they show passion and commitment towards their work and the company’s vision. They work hard and set examples for their teams.

Take accountability and delegate responsibilities: Leaders don’t take credit for the success. They pass it on to the people working for them. But, they take accountability for failures and help their people in learning from their mistakes. Business leaders know how to delegate tasks and share responsibilities.

Decisive: Leaders take timely decisions and don’t get trapped in the thinking and planning process. They understand that to be a leader one has to move faster than the competitors.

Proactive: Business leaders don’t wait for their competitors to act and then react to it. They work proactively by keeping themselves aware of the market and competition.

 Who are Business leaders

 The Chairman, CEO, CFO, and other senior executives in a company collectively make business leadership.

Entrepreneurs and investors are also a part of business leaders as they start the business and invest in it. They understand the market dynamics and take strategic decisions about finances.

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A leader can be anyone with the skills mentioned above. Leaders also have traits like honesty, integrity, and ethics.

Business leaders have the risk-taking ability, logical thinking, and perseverance. They lead by example and help their employees in their personal and professional growth.

Unbounce founder and CEO Rick Perreault is among those Canadian entrepreneurs who personify perseverance.

They are the face of the company and the brand image.

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