Bad Food Choices Cause Bad Skin

Eating healthy promotes more benefits than simply maintaining an ideal weight. Having clear and supple skin is, for one, an inside job. Your skin takes after what your diet intake is like. Hence, there are bad foods that would make it difficult for you to achieve a healthy complexion, no matter what you do. Learn to avoid them so you can get the best results from your skincare routines.

For instance, your investment in fantastic beauty products like SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic gives you a better outcome if you start picking on good food varieties — those that will not cause a breakout, irritation, and other problems.

How do you eat better to enjoy healthier, glowing skin? Take note of these valuable tips:

  • Keep your hands off greasy fast food

These are usually deep-fried, soaked in lots of oils, and loaded with trans fats. That formula leads to nothing more than just aggravated skin conditions such as inflammation.

Skin experts consider inflammation as the root of many troubles. It’s the primary underlying cause for chronic conditions like swelling and redness.

So when you go for a snack, make sure to reach for the healthy kind. Protein bars, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables are great options, and they pack as conveniently as you go for a takeout.

  • Go easy on dairy

Butter, cream, milk, cheese, and ice cream are common triggers for skin problems. They are pro-inflammatory and could easily cause the appearance of acne, eczema, and rashes.

Moreover, they are a common subject for food sensitivity, causing allergies that may also result in inflammation and skin flare-ups. To be safe rather than sorry, go for soy products.

They are healthier substitutes that will deliver the same nutrients (probably even more!) without compromising the taste or hurting your skin.

  • Control your love for processed meats

Bacon, hotdog, and cured meats pack a sneaky high amount of sodium. Too much salt in your body system can harm your elastin and collagen levels, which are crucial for keeping a youthful glow.

Eating too much-processed food, therefore, could destroy your natural defences to premature ageing and may even cause your face to puff and swell.

To get the best of your meat intake, choose the organic and grass-fed variety. They are free from chemicals that boost artificial growth and are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory.

  • Add a little spice to your life

Although the basis is still unclear, it has been proven that spicy food can trigger acne and other skin troubles. If you love flavour-packed dishes, go for plant-based sources like herbs.

  • Drink no alcohol or caffeine but more water every day

Both alcohol and caffeine-infused drinks cause bad things to your skin. Alcohol can cause dehydration while caffeine can increase your cortisol levels that cause inflammation.

So every time you reach out for something to drink, opt for nothing but water. It is your best option and the most accessible, inexpensive way to nourish your skin.


It cannot be stressed enough, but the majority of your skin troubles may be sourced from bad diet habits and you need to let them go ASAP.

Cheryl Henson

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