3 YouTube User Statistics You Need to Know

Do you run a business and are looking for a platform to expand your brand’s reach? Are you a content creator looking for the next platform to specialize in?

While platforms like Instagram and TikTok are great, YouTube is still the top-tier platform to hop onto.

But what’s in store for people aiming to profit from YouTube trends, ads, and videos? To help you plan your next business strategy, here are a few crucial YouTube user statistics to take into consideration:

1. Billions of Users

One of the most important YouTube statistics is the number of active users. After all, why would you start marketing or creating content on a dead platform?

YouTube shines in this regard. In 2021 alone, it marked over 2 billion monthly users per month. However, this is a vast understatement given how the numbers only reflect users who logged in. There are likely billions of other users who simply do not log in when using YouTube.

2. Number of User Searches

Did you know YouTube is second only to Google when it comes to user searches? This means people use YouTube to look up information they can learn through watching instead of reading.

3. User Profits and YouTube Growth

What’s in store for the future of YouTube? You can expect it to become a primary source for people aiming to earn via ad revenue. With new YouTube features coming every year, it’s also going to stay as a primary platform for marketing agencies around the world.

YouTube ad revenue rises consistently and you’ll want to tap into that potential goldmine as soon as you can. It’s the right platform to hop onto if you plan to advertise your business. You can either include your video ad to the content played during videos or you can sponsor a YouTube influencer with millions of viewers and followers.

Speaking of YouTube stars, the top content creators on the platform earn approximately $20 million per year. It’s the ideal platform for people who want to make it big with their original content.

Take Advantage of These YouTube User Statistics

What are you waiting for? With YouTube user statistics like these, there’s no denying how YouTube is going to remain a powerful and profitable platform. Whether you run a business hoping to market your brand or an individual content creator, these numbers prove it’s still among the best platforms out there.

Of course, knowing the metrics is only the beginning. It’s time to take advantage of these numbers and start boosting your profits. Not sure how or where to begin? Feel free to dig into our other guides today and let us help you discover how to buy YouTube views, make the best video ads for YouTube, or how to make compelling content people will watch and share.

Cheryl Henson

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