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Winterize Your Home’s Plumbing With These 5 Tips

Winter is coming. Now is the time to prepare your home for the cold days ahead. One of the most important parts of winterizing your home is checking your plumbing system. The freezing temperatures, ice, and snow in winter can wreak havoc on your water pipes. So, it’s important to pay them as much attention as the rest of your home. To help you winterize your home’s plumbing system before the cold wind blows, here are a few helpful tips you can follow:

Seal air leaks

Gaps and cracks around doors and windows expose your water pipes to freezing temperatures in winter. Seal them to protect your plumbing as well as save energy and money. You can conduct a simple check for air leaks by closing the doors and windows of a room on a cold day and feeling your drafty spots by placing a lit candle in a dark closet. If you notice a draft, the air leak is most likely at a crack in the framing or insulation near that spot.

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Check your heating system

Your furnace is your best defense against frozen pipes. A properly programmed and serviced furnace will maintain the desired temperature in your house and lessen the effects of extreme cold on water lines. Fall is the best time to schedule a heater maintenance to make sure your system works well when the colder weather arrives.

Clean the gutters

While it might not be at the top of your priority list during the spring and summer months, once winter hits, it’s advisable to check on the health of your gutters, so you can ensure your plumbing remains clear during future snowstorms or heavy rains.

Insulate outdoor pipes

Pipes that are exposed to freezing winter temperatures can burst and flood your home. Insulating water pipes in winter helps prevent them from freezing by keeping them warmer than the surrounding environment.

There are two different methods for insulating your water pipes in winter. One is an insulation wrap, and the other is with water pipe heat tape. The right option for you will depend on what type of pipes you have and what type of insulation your house already has.

Fix water leaks

Winter is the time of year when even the smallest of water leaks can cause big damage. Leaks not only waste precious water but also create an energy drain on your water heater. So now is the time to call for professional help. Call an emergency plumber to repair leaky pipes in your home.

Call an emergency plumber today

Pipes can freeze and burst when the temperature falls below freezing. The water supply to your home could be interrupted as a result. Winterizing your plumbing with help from your trusted local plumbers will protect you and your family from these potentially serious risks and inconveniences. Get in touch with the pros today to get quality consultations and estimates. Call now!

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