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When Should I Service My AC System?

The months June to August might be the worst time for your air conditioning unit to fail. Because of the hot and humid weather during these months, it can be unbearably uncomfortable to stay indoors. Hiring a local HVAC professional to get your air conditioner serviced is the best way to go about solving the problem with your AC unit. But, in the future, if you want to avoid such failures, you might need to perform regular service to your air conditioning unit.

However, you might be wondering how often you might need to perform services and maintenance. Hence, City Energy, professionals in AC repair Richmond Hill, have decided to shed some light on the topic.

How often should I service my Air Conditioning equipment?

A simple answer to this question is once a year. Irrespective of the model/type of the AC, you need to perform routine checks, inspections and repairs at least once a year. The best time of the year to perform such operations is during the Spring. Bear in mind that these once-in-a-year checks are for ACs that are functioning well without any bigger issues.

Common problems with Air Conditioning Systems:

The following are some problems that generally occur in AC units. You can solve some of these problems on your own. But for your own safety and the equipment’s longevity, we recommend professional services.

1. Doesn’t turn on:

It is a fairly common problem encountered almost in every household. Checking the thermostat will help you determine the cause of the problem. Sometimes it is something small as a dead battery. If you replaced your batteries and the unit still doesn’t work, you must reset the circuit breaker.

2. Not cooling:

There are so many reasons for this problem. But the most prominent one is the low refrigerant. The refrigerant liquid is essential to cool the air. Leaks in the refrigerant pipeline are a clear indicator to get your air conditioner serviced. The local HVAC professional replaces the refrigerant and looks for any holes in the pipeline. Only a professional service person must engage in this work.

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3. Frozen coils:

Refrigerants surround the evaporating coils. But, they also need warm air circulation to keep them from freezing up. Any problems in the air circulation lead to evaporator coils getting too cold. This will result in warmer air blowing from your indoor unit and ice formation on the coils.

4. Blocked condenser:

This is another instance where you won’t get cool air from the indoor unit. The condenser is responsible for removing the excess heat from the air. But when dust and dirt cover their coils, they are not able to perform their function properly. Especially in highly polluted areas, you need to regularly check your outdoor unit to ensure there is no dust buildup.

5. Faulty fans:

There are primarily two fans in the system. One over the evaporator coil and the other over the condenser coil. Any faults in these fans might cause creaking sounds when turned on. It might be due to a lack of lubrication, motor malfunction, worn-out belts, or even too many dust particles. One thing to remember about air conditioners is that proper airflow is essential for smooth operation. If you leave it unchecked, it can lead to compressor failure and other grave faults.

6. Blocked drains:

The moisture removed from the air gets drained out through a pipe. You need to make sure that this pipe doesn’t have any clogs. Otherwise, clogs in drain pipes lead to leaking inside your walls and ceilings. Any water that backs up is a potential threat to your air conditioning unit. So it is critical that you contact your local HVAC professional to perform a thorough inspection.

Services covered in routine maintenance


When you sign up for a routine maintenance service, you get the following repairs done:

1. Replace/clean air filters: By replacing filters once a year, you can avoid airflow problems that affect your AC performance. The service expert either cleans your filter or replaces it with a new one, depending on the problem with the filter.

2. Inspect pipes and repair holes: Unmaintained ducts and pipelines can increase power consumption. So an HVAC service expert inspects every part of the unit in detail. It helps them identify the causes behind certain problems and prevent future issues.

3. Checking the thermostat: Installing newer thermostats might save more power and also let you gain more control over the usage. So keeping them in good condition is a must.

4. Clean dust, debris, and any other dirt formations: An expert understands how to properly remove every component from the unit. So it is easy for them to clean it efficiently. Thus removing any blocks that prevent the air from flowing smoothly.


Instead of getting yourself a huge bill for repair and replacement, try to lengthen the life of your air conditioner by hiring local HVAC professionals to do routine service. You have to perform these maintenance checks at least once a year to avoid equipment failure during a hot summer. Alternatively, you can opt for an annual service package that costs lesser and keeps you on top of the service list.

City-Energy offers a professional service for AC repair in Richmond Hill, ON and beyond. We perform service & repairs, new installations, and maintenance at an affordable price. Contact us today at (647) 830-0083.

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